Open House: Cement, Glass and Steel in a Spectacular House in St. Tropez

Dreaming is free, which is why we live where we live always we can imagine how it would be and where would be the home of our dreams. That’s well see original houses, in different places of the world It will serve as inspiration for our imagination to design our dream house. Continue reading

A Spectacular Villa in Phuket, Tradition and Design on The Shores of The Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean is located to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal, to the South of Burma, West of Thailand and East of the Andaman Islands, which is named and in this stronghold of unspoiled nature is one of my favorite paradise islands: Phuket. In fact it is number one in destinations if you touch me the primitive. Continue reading

A Very Well Integrated Beach House

Precisely on the beach is where we’d like to be writing at the moment, but we fear that at the moment it is not possible. But that doesn’t mean that we can get and put us well long teeth with this beautiful House on the beach. Continue reading

Garage Abandoned to Beautiful Garden House

Convert a garage, abandoned in a beautiful garden House It has been the task of the architects of the Act_Romegialli, who have managed to transform the space completely but respecting the essence of the original structure. Continue reading

Unconventional Homes: an Ambulance Garage Converted into Housing

Not all homes have been built originally to be. There are buildings that were built with other order entry and subsequently transform to get resulting habitable. In Decoesfera other examples we have seen before and today we have one very original one of those houses that we can ensure that it is unconventional. Continue reading