Residential Lighting Step by Step

Few people do know how to use lighting as a decorative element effectively. Give breadth to the spaces, highlight details and provide security. With some little tricks, you can make the environment more pleasant and to save more energy. Books; Magazines; the Internet can be very useful tools for those who want to adapt your home lighting, taking decisions with a lot of caution, information and planning. Continue reading

Tiffany Blue for Wedding Decoration

Friends, readers and lovers of this special moment that is the wedding, the theme of our article will be decoration. Over time, we’ve brought beautiful combinations of palettes, along with great ideas and inspirations. Today, let’s talk about a single color, which has become a worldwide wedding trend: the Tiffany Blue. Continue reading

A House Full of Deco-Ideas

Today I show you a conventional House. Away from the minimalism of the houses that the decor magazines often show, the environments of this House are very special because you can tell that it’s a very much alive. Full of ideas and very much charm, plus some vintage furniture and objects. But if I have to choose a special environment, I would stay with the living room. Continue reading

Decoration – Colors in the Dining Room

I selected some photos of dining rooms where the combination or use of color caught my eye.Check it out: Continue reading

Download: World Time Clocks in Comparison

A complication, two implementations–test now download for 3.90 Euro!

The issue of time shifting is not only important for pilots and tourists. International business people also have to keep track of the different time zones. Who doesn’t know? Continue reading