18 Last Minute Gifts for Yourself on Different Occasions

Determines each has been in this situation: A birthday, Christmas or any other important event is approaching and you have still not found the right gift. If you are currently playing in this problematic situation, the following collection of ideas for you is Last Minute Gifts selbermachen perhaps help.

They are different basement ideas that everyone can imitate, as well as recipes for great edible gifts that will impress everyone. Do not wait any longer, but begin with the crafting, cooking and baking!

Make a gift for yourself – ideas for every taste

If the last minute gifts are homemade, their value for the recipient increases tremendously. Finally, you have spent a lot of time and effort in the gift and ds specifically for this one friend or for the family members. From various glass containers such as bowls or drinking glasses interesting last minute gifts can be made, as shown above.

Last minute gifts for yourself – instructions for vases

The selected vase or the glass can only be glued with adhesive tape to paint a straight edge. With a furniture color in any clay and a brush, color the glass to the adhesive tape. The adhesive tape should be removed immediately after the ink has dried so that it does not break. Such last minute gifts can make you yourself in the most diverse variants.

Bowls with spiral pattern

In the same way, you can make such bowls as last minute gifts by yourself. For this purpose, the adhesive or insulating tape is simply applied externally in a spiral mold. After painting, remove the tape and place it in a dry place where the paint can dry. So you can also recycle old crockery.

Glass bottle inside

No less handsome looking glass bottles, which are dyed from the inside. And they are made even faster and easier. You can color the bottle either only partially or the entire bottle from the inside. Of course, you can also make several of these last minute gifts by yourself. Just add a few drops into the bottle and distribute the colors by turning and turning the bottle. If the bottle is partially dyed, be careful not to put too much ink into it as you can not remove the excess without coloring the bottle neck.

Create your own gifts – A XXL blanket

Very popular are knitted products in XXL format. Especially in the winter you can make an attractive and cozy soft blanket yourself. There are two ways that you can make these last minute gifts yourself. On the one hand, oversized knitting needles can be used. But also with the hands can be knitted wonderfully.

XXL knit shawl

Also a scarf looks wonderful in this look and is the perfect gift idea in winter. It is important that you use very thick wool. Due to the oversized stitches, the scarf, as well as the blanket, is finished in a short time. How to make such last minute gifts by yourself can be found in the following video with instructions for knitting by hand.

Windlichter as last minute gifts self-tinkering

You can not go wrong with wind lights. The variants are infinite. This variant is especially romantic with lace top. If you want to make these last minute gifts yourself, first set up the glasses copywriter. Place the doilies on top and spread them over with a wallpaper cutter. If everything is dried, they can be used. Sugar water can also be used as an alternative.

Last minute Christmas gifts with branches

Certainly you have already seen such ideas with branches. Nevertheless, we would like to remind you of this idea, so you can make last minute gifts by yourself. It is a very favorable gift idea, which is made quickly. Even beginner beginners will have no problem with this craft project. Glue the branches tightly to the glass using a hot glue gun. The adhesive should be centered so that it is covered by the yarn or tape.

Foot peeling itself

You can make such a last minute gift for yourself on a birthday, but also for Christmas. You can also select the color for which you are using food color. Mix sugar, olive oil and peppermint oil. The amount depends on how much foot cream you want to produce. Then, color the mixture as desired.

Last minute gifts for parents

You can make edible last minute gifts for yourself at Christmas, as well as for your birthday, Easter or for intermission. Especially with parents who have everything important already, it can often be difficult to find that suitable gift. Then you can simply enjoy them with homemade sweets, which you can enjoy together in the evening. A confectionery box is a great idea. Create the following three chocolates styles and pack them pretty.

Simple chocolatins

For about 65 pieces, 250 g of dark chocolate, 125 g of coconut oil and 1/4 cup of icing sugar are melted in a water bath. Stir several times to mix all the products well together and then pour everything into molds. Ice cube molds, for example, are well suited. You can also decorate the chocolates with coconut chips. Make the chocolates as an idea to make last minute gifts yourself in the refrigerator until they become hard.

Make your own mints – recipe for truffles

Truffles are a true seduction. Make approx. 35 pieces by heating 250 ml of cream (do not boil) and melt 300 g of chopped, dark chocolate. Add 25 g of soft butter and 2 tbsp of brandy or whiskey and stir. Keep cold for at least an hour until everything has solidified. Then melt 100 g of bitter chocolate in the water bath, mold the cold mixture into small balls and immerse them quickly in the melted chocolate. Then roll them quickly into cocoa powder and let them harden in it. Finally, shake off the surplus and finished with this part of the chocolates as a last minute gift idea.

Marzipan balls with coconut

Form 250 g of marzipan into small balls. Melt 100g dark chocolate in the water bath and add 1 1/2 tbsp of rum. Put some chocolate on each ball and sprinkle them with coconut chips, which will keep them cold for a while. Now you can assemble the chocolates as an idea to make last minute gifts by yourself.

Christmas gifts from gingerbread

Last minute gifts for Christmas itself can also make you with gingerbread. There are various ways by tinkering gingerbread. So you can make personalized last minute gifts by yourself, which are too bad to eat. Let us think of something interesting and make someone happy.

Edible last minute gifts to make

Not only for parents and grandparents is jam or any other edible gift idea, if you want to quickly make a last minute gift yourself. In principle, you can enjoy every sweet tooth. This honey dessert is great for breads. You need a handful of dried mango, a handful of pecans, a handful of pistachios, 1/2 finely chopped, red chilli peppers, jam jar and acacia honey. Fill the glass in layers: a layer of honey, a layer of mango, then again honey, then pecans and so on. Finally decorate the glass.

Pizza oil

For all those who like to eat pizza and often make it themselves, this idea for last minute gifts can make itself very suitable. It is an olive oil specially flavored for pizzas. In a large bottle, fill with olive oil, add two sun-dried tomatoes, as many cloves of garlic, 1 to 2 chillies and fresh oregano. Close the bottle and decorate with some organo, cord and lavender.

Birthday present

For the girlfriend you can make a birthday present yourself, which she will remind you every day. Craft such a bangle of wire, which should be rust-free. If you want to make such last minute gifts yourself, use as a help to bending a pair of pliers and follow the instructions above. Finally, do not forget to open the hook for easy opening and closing.

Last minute gifts for girlfriends make themselves

Also a personalized key chain is a great idea to make last minute gifts yourself. Since there is a wide selection of pearls and accessories, you will not have any problems making something interesting. The gift is particularly unique when you designate the name of the recipient from letters. This idea is also for Schnullerketten suitable.

Interesting gift ideas homemade

For someone who is in the Shabby chic or vintage style, such clothes hooks, which you can make from old cutlery, are also suitable. Such cutlery can be found safely at the flea market. The cutlery is bent and then screwed onto boards. Drill a hole in the cutlery in advance. As you can see, you can make last minute gifts yourself by using a variety of things and materials.