An Apartment Smaller Than with The Red Dares

I love to teach small houses because they are that more resemble the houses that we have in Spain (and in many cities around the world). We find daring ideas that we can apply to our day to day and you would have not chosen if we had not previously seen in these apartments. In this case, what most strikes me is the use of the Red intense for decoration, a color that traditionally would not associate to the wall painting of a small space.

This House is located in Romania and as in other cases of small apartments is based on a large space that combines various functions such as living room, kitchen and living room. Tell has no divisions would be exaggerated because it does have them, since the partitions are open and let in not only light but anything that happens in the contiguous space.

In the general view that heads this post, you can see how these partitions so unusual are those who have received the Red While the side walls are white. Furniture that I see is the majority of Ikea, so you will not have many problems to imitate this style if you like (in fact red narrow shelving is a great hit that I’ve seen in many homes).


This apartment gives me a few mixed feelings since I do not see a so deep red for a small space but I love how it is compared with the marine kitchen tiles and the yellow edge of the cabinets. That Yes, the bottom color wood not hits me or with cola, I do not understand how to let this pegote here so happily.

Another bug I see is that although there is no physical separation bar between the kitchen and the lounge part, have placed the sofa so that is not a doubt of where one begins and ends another. I believe that with this decision they have lost space and for that you would have given same put a bar of work or a dining table stronger that can be used as a work surface extra.

On these lines you have the opposite view that in the first image. Here we appreciate how the opposite wall also have painted it in Red and they have embedded in it a shelf of the same tone. In this case, I would have left the white wall (having cut as wall impact septum) and would have put the white library also, but not you dislike the idea of a red library.

In summary, I think that they could have better exploited space in this apartment and have widened the Visual limits with a less aggressive than the red color. I suspect that the same atmosphere painted in bright green would have been much better (to say nothing of the target if you do not think that it is too simple).