Cheerful and Colourful Loft of Karim Rashid in New York

I don’t like it, love it! At this point already I will not surprise anyone if I say that Karim Rashid It is one of my favorite designers, as well both gray and so much sobriety, color y fantasy It is what I want and what Karim offered in each and every one of his proposals, always full of positive energy.

So I’ve fallen in love with me this apartment entirely decorated and designed by it and all its furnishings… Gives me the impression that there is no color have no presence in the decoration of the floor, although there is predominance of PINKS and Greens, any other tone that we can think of is represented somewhere, even in a small area.

In the Living room a lot of seats different in pink, green and white combination, the idea of having in the living room of various types of seats other than the end is great and after all not always sit equal, above all depending on what you want to do, talk, read, relax…

I also love the showcase or shelf of glass of Tonelli, which we had already spoken in Decoesfera and having a very original form, enter also the color Black in the atmosphere, albeit in a very discreet and smooth way.

The kitchen is the room with more strength and energy of the House, again that I agree with Rashid, in the kitchen have to work, prepare things, organize… is not a room to relax, so are the room or the bedroom, that is why in the kitchen is where it matters most to have intense tones.

Perhaps for some already it is excessive, because such is the amount of color It is true that you could get bored, that depends on the time that we spend in the kitchen every day, to my I would like as well because daily does not use it much, rather weekend and the combination chosen colors with steel and glass seems to me to be spectacular.

In one room child or in a study or work area in general, can not miss a Desktop, While the chosen design is somewhat psychedelic, however it is also really functional, even the fact that the closed front, can help to avoid unnecessary distractions.

It is not too big, but not small and seems comfortable. Seats to combine, decoration on the walls, contrasts with carpets… Almost all of the resources have been used to complete the decoration environment, I recognize that if it were my house maybe it would cost me to get me, but to see, from afar, it seems great to me and passed me very good vibrations.

Finally the most intimate places the bedroom main and the bathroom, the bedroom is the less charged area of the House, although it also has their details and decorated predominantly white, although it includes touches in other tones, is true that the bedroom is for rest and relaxation and hence it is not good to abuse of intense colors.

The bathroom It is cozy, with details that help to create a feeling of home and that does not look like a hotel bath, is that pursuit of orderly disorder… Ultimately I’ll stick with the idea that the sinuous shapes and intense colors, provide joy to the home and although not with much prominence, it is always good to introduce them in one way or another.