Crafting with Glitter for Every Occasion – Design Pretty Decorations

If you like glamor, can any decoration with some glitters spice. With some glue and glitter powder in any color, you can create unique, eye-catching Hingucker with which each celebration becomes particularly attractive. We have some simple ideas for  crafting with Glitter collected, for which you need only glitter and glue.

In addition, you will also be happy to provide paper tape for masking to create interesting patterns.

Crafting with glitter and objects embellished

What can you do with glitter? In principle everything that comes to your mind. For crafting with glitter you can use any decorations and objects and give it a special look with glitter powder. Above you can see simple plastic boxes that look a bit more attractive with a little glitter.

Crafts with glitter and magnets

Magnets are a practical thing, but they are often nothing special. This can change you with a little glitter. For crafting with glitter, add some glitter in any color into a muffin paper form as well as some glue on one of the magnets. Immerse the side with the glue in the glitter and shake the excess off and squeeze the glitter with the fingers slightly into the glue. Allow the glue to dry well.

Pretty foliage leaves

These decorations are best made with artificial leaves. You can spray them in advance with any spray paint. As long as the color is still moist, spread some glitter over the leaves. Another variation for crafting with glitter is to let the paint dry, spray the leaves with spray glue and spread the glitter over it.

Design autumn leaves

However, real leaf leaves can be designed as well. So you get an interesting autumn decoration. Using a brush, spread the adhesive over the surface of the sheet. After that, spread the glitter over it again. Use the best glitter in autumn colors like gold or copper for crafting with glitter. Shake the excess and let the leaves rest for a few hours.

Crafting with glitter powder

You have already noticed that it is possible to use a variety of receptacles for decorations. And also for crafting with glitter you are perfectly suited. As described above, sprinkle the glass with glitter after coating it with glue. Let it dry. Finally, you can apply another layer of glue to fix the glitter better.

Crafts with glass and glitter

Here is another variation on how to design the glass. Paint it first and then decorate it only partially with glitter. Very original we also find the idea with the light bulb, which you can try out when you tinker with glitter. The steps are the same as before. You can then hang the bulb on parties or at Christmas as a decoration.

Glittering vases

Glitter does not have to be attached to the outside. With transparent vessels like this bottle, it also makes itself very pretty inside. For crafting with glitter give some glue inside and distribute it by rotating the bottle until everything is well covered. Give more glue. Excess pour out. Craft a paper judge and shake the glitter into it. Close the opening and shake until all the interior walls are covered with glitter. Remove the excess again.

Decorate transparent glassware

The glass stones receive some glue on their underside and are then dipped in glitter. It is finished! Use glitter in any shapes and colors. This is then visible through the Glasstein. Finally, you can stick a magnet on the underside and make your magnet wall more attractive with this decoration.

Glitter stripes

Even more simply, you can create glittering decorations by simply glittering adhesive strips and sticking them to the selected object. In this way, you can create different patterns and, for example, create interesting wind lights. You can also change the tealight with these stripes.

Crafts with glitter and tape

Even with simple adhesive tape patterns can be designed if you craft with glitter. It is best to use paper tape as it adheres better on smooth surfaces. Glue the areas you do not want to glitter. Sprinkle the object with spray glue and sprinkle it with glitter. If you want to have the glitter closer, dive the object directly into the glitter.

Desk with glitter

Create particularly interesting furniture by using glitter. In this way, you can spice up old and unsightly furniture. This idea is particularly easy to implement on a table or other flat surface. Instead of glue you use for crafting with glitter wood lacquer. Coat the tabletop and be careful not to omit any parts.

Furniture varnish

The varnish should still be covered with the glitter when wet. So work quickly when you create this idea with glitter. For a colorful look, take all the glitter containers in your hand and start to spread the glitter on the plate. If you are satisfied with the amount, press the glitter with your fingers into the varnish and let the varnish solidify. Fix everything again. Finally, seal everything with a last varnish layer.

Crafts for Christmas

The golden pine cones were designed not only with glitter but also with gold leaf. Sprinkle the cones to craft with glitter with a golden or pink paint spray. Then sprinkle them quickly with glitter in the same color. The leaf gold is placed over the pegs and pressed with a dry sponge, while at the same time removing the excess of the leaf gold.

Crafting with glitter – make Christmas decorations by yourself

You can create your own Christmas decorations by using glitter. Use any shapes and glitter in a color that matches the rest of the Christmas tree decorations. Since the jewelery is not constantly touched, a protective layer is unnecessary, but can still be applied. This idea for crafting with glitter is great for giving away.

Crafts with canvas

To create such a canvas, you need acrylic paint, with which you can design the stripes. Paint the canvas in white and let the paint dry. Then glue the surface off so you can paint the black stripes straight. If this color is dried, you can go over to glittering. Use pencil to draw any Motv. Glue this with glue and sprinkle glitter over it. It is important that the color is already well dried so that no glitter sticks to the strip.

Christmas cones

Cone you can mold yourself from paper or you use for this idea to craft with glitter simply finished products. Again, spray the cone with spray glue to allow the glitter to adhere. The decoration can then be decorated with other elements. Snowflakes were used here, which were attached to the tip of the cone with a hot-glue gun.

Idea for New Year’s Eve

If you have a party planned for New Year’s Eve, bring a lot of glitter into the game when you design the decoration. One possible variant are sparkling wine glasses, which you tinker with glitter. Distribute some glue in those places where you want to have the glitter. You can also design the base of the glass. Spread the selected glitter on the damp glue.

Idea for Halloween

Make Halloween for something glamor by decorating various decorations with glitter. Such a skull looks much more impressive. Also gourds can be decorated with glitter more interesting and tables or the entrance door. As already mentioned, you can transform all sorts of things and get unique decorations.

Easter eggs with glitter

How about making Easter eggs with glitter? For this purpose you can use plastic sculptures, which you paint in any other color. Finally add the glitter. Decorate the Easter eggs only partially or sprinkle them with colored glitter. Let us think of something interesting!