Create with Shrink-Film and Create Attractive Accessories for Everyday Life

Look for a suitable material, which allows you a variety of accessories such as pendants, jewelry can manufacture and decorative objects quickly and easily, then shrink film is just the ticket. And although at first glance it does not differ from ordinary film, it has an interesting property, which makes it a special craft material and very popular.

Have you become curious? Then take a look at our products and learn how to tinker shrink film and can make interesting things.

Shrinking Foil – What Is Shrinking Foil?

Many people know the shrink film certainly from their childhood. However, anyone who has not had any experience with this material is certainly curious about what it is and how to make it with shrink film. The shrink film is available in white as well as in semi-transparent form. The latter is advantageous when a template is to be used for painting. This shimmers wonderfully through. Finally, the foil is cut into the oven. There she squirts together and becomes thicker and firmer.

How to Use Shrink Foil – How to Use Shrink Foil

For painting, in principle almost every kind of pencils and colors can be used. Above all, colored pencils look great. It is important that it is a color that does not melt in the oven. Therefore, crayons belong to the unsuitable variants. In the end, you simply have to try out what colors are suitable for shrink film, while you are using shrink film.

Printing shrink film

There is also printable shrink film to which you can transfer any motif with an inkjet printer. This makes work even easier. However, before shrinking with shrink film in this way, you should inform yourself whether the foil you have selected is suitable for this purpose. Then you can print a photo on shrink film yourself. If you have transferred the selected motif to the film in whatever way, simply cut it out along its outlines.

Rewrite pins

Needles already have a pretty head in the shape of a colored ball, but you can make them even more beautiful by tinkering pretty motifs with shrink-film. Choose flowers, stars, hearts or whatever else you think. A simple guide to crafting with shrink film is given below.

Create Shrinking Foil – Instructions for pins

If you want to make this idea with shrink film, paint the selected motif on the slide. In this case it is a flower. A distance of approx. 5 cm from one petal tip to the opposite should be sufficient. Then, cut out the flower and use a punch or punch to pierce the center.

Pin decoration made of shrink film

Insert the pin into the hole and place the shrink film in the oven. You can find out which temperature you should adjust and how long the film should remain in the oven, in the instructions given by the manufacturer of the shrink film. Remove the needle from the oven. Be careful because needle and foil are still hot. Now turn the flower a bit. Above you can see more motif ideas that you can use when you are using shrink film.

Craft armchairs

When working with shrink film you can let your imagination run wild. Jewelry made of shrink film is very popular as it is made quickly and has a personal property. Above you see a great city motif used to craft an arm-chain. If you want to craft jewelry with shrink-film, you only need the necessary elements such as connecting rings and chains.

Trailer with shrink-film self-tinkering

If you want to make a shrink film with children, you can leave it to the children to paint pictures and patterns on the slide. If the children are still too small to paint themselves, the variant above is very good. To make shrink film, the film is simply hand-pressed. The finished key pendants are a great gift idea.

Make napkin rings

To make these napkin rings, you can print any motif or pattern on the shrink film. Of course, you can also paint something on the slide again. The grinding ring was perforated on both sides and provided with a rubber. The rings are quickly bent into the correct shape after baking. You can use a tube as a model if you are using shrink film.

Shrinking foil – ideas with rolled foil

Cut narrow strips out of the foil and paint them as desired. If the strips come into the oven, the sides will most likely roll up by themselves. If this is not the case, you can help with a pencil afterwards. Be careful when the film is hot. If you are tinkering with shrink film you can think of the different shapes.

Idea for shrink film for Christmas

A great gift idea are also bookmarks. These can be arranged according to the season. For Christmas, for example, such Christmas tree balls and snowflakes are very good. And you can make them out of shrink film again. Do not forget the hole where you will later tie the cord.

Knobs made of shrink film

A very original idea, which you can utilize when you are tinkering with shrink film, are buttons. Yes, you read it right. You can create original buttons with which you can decorate not only clothing but also accessories such as bags, gloves or even bed linen. The size may vary. The diameter of the foil should be about three times as great as the button you want to get in the end. You should try this before.

Handbook for shrinking foil

If you make buttons with shrink film, first cut the circles. This is best done with a punch. Then perforate the circles, as is the case with buttons. Now you can paint the film as desired. You can also use templates. Then spread all the circles on a baking tray, which is laid out with baking paper and let it shrink in the oven.

A dream catcher different

Certainly, you have already seen the most diverse variants for dream catchers. But have you ever dreamed of creating a dream trap made of shrink film? If you want to create this idea for shrinking, use any mandala. You can create a colorful design in this way. In addition, there are a few feathers that you attach with cord to the mandala.

Create favorite motifs

With the shrink film, you can design accessories that radiate your personality. If, for example, you have a favorite country, you can use its outline and make a trailer made of shrink film. In this way, you can show off your favorite food, her hobby, her favorite bull and so on.

Geometric jewelry

Not only the trailers themselves can be made very attractive. A great impression can also be the way you are attached to a chain. Above you will see interesting and modern trailers in geometric form. With watercolors or crayons, you can create a worn look when you’re using shrink film.

Combine many elements

Also this idea for a trailer is very original. It is a cloud and several rain drops that you can make from shrink film. The individual tropes are attached to the cloud by means of chains. The result is a pendant for a necklace that will attract all eyes.

Garland as a necklace

No less impressive is this necklace, which is basically a garland of tiny flags. You can create this idea with shrink film by simply cutting out triangles, which you can then create with patterns. Do not forget the holes in the corners. The individual flags are then connected with each other by means of connecting rings for jewelery.

Feather jewelry

See how effectively you can paint the foil by using simple crayons. The rough surface of the transparent film allows attractive ombre effects, which make the motif even more impressive. This idea for the shrink-film tinkering is the feather motif used for earrings and a necklace.