Doors Open: Twin House, Two Twin Apartments in Barcelona

In the Gothic quarter of Barcelona These two adjacent apartments that until recently were in a deplorable state are. Had been conducted in them several attempts of reform but always low quality and overlapping among if. This resulted in a confusing design of compartmentalized rooms and an Assembly with very little natural light.

The study Nook architects was commissioned to carry out the reform definitive as it has transformed them into two bright and spacious homes. They removed ceilings and partitions to transform completely the spaces from the essence of the building. Reorganized the space and entrances were relocated to create two apartments of similar design and size.

The distribution having the apartments before the reform was typical of the homes of the past with a very compartmentalized space and small rooms with little or no natural light and no ventilation. So the first thing you had to do was pull everything until you reach the original structure to start the restructuring after the beginning.

Each apartment is organized in an area, with common spaces, which is oriented to the street, must be borne in mind that the floors are located in an area which has great atmosphere, the evening so the rest, most private area, oriented toward the rear facade.

In the two apartments facing the street day area includes in the same space, kitchen, dining room and a small sitting area. That’s the kitchen, so it does not clash is fitted with horizontal wooden furniture, and fridge and freezer under counter, to prevent the vertical units. The wall units in white camouflage with the wall.

The space is enough but not too broad, especially taking into account that it has to accommodate three different environment, so look for the harmony between the furniture and complements of each other and the avoidance of the wall units to not collapse the space.

In each one of the apartments there are even a small terrace, is inside It is located on the back of the building, but even despite its small dimensions and its location, provides plenty of light, lightens the atmosphere and facilitates the ventilation of the interior of the House.

The truth is that a terrace as well although no view, if it is well conditioned can be a perfect spot for reading and relaxing. Simply some plants, a seat and a side table already filled her life, all accompanied by the white, which multiplies its luminosity.

In the private area, polished concrete floors give way to the concrete unpolished in bathrooms of these homes. Bath communicates directly with the area of the bedroom, in fact from the room basin, can be seen although the shower and toilet are separated with translucent screens.

I loved the detail that we can see in the photos above, a rail of metal including a lighting system and at the same time acts as a hanger for clothing. Although it has the inconvenience that to be visible must be everything always very well placed, the effect created in the dark when it is illuminated fantastic seems.

In the image above we can see the houses floor plan After the Reformation. The two apartments share the ladder entrance area. In the drawing you can see as the distribution of the two houses is almost symmetrical, both have approximately the same size and the same orientation.

It should be noted that entries have been relocated, they were formerly placed so that one of the apartments was smaller than the other and for it had very little chance of improvement. With the redistribution has been made two good houses, comfortable and bright in the same space, a challenge overcome by Nook architects.