Fancy Dressing up Yourself – 13 Styling Ideas and Tips

For Carnival and Carnival creativity is always in demand, so the costume is staged properly managed. It is worth it instead of buying a whole outfit from the carnival shop and to put it on the wrong day to invest in effective accessories. These can be re-engineered in an ingenious manner and combined with effective pieces of clothing.

Thus arises carnival costume own brand, which certainly does not go unnoticed. We have summarized a few examples and help with the design with helpful tips.

Carnival costume making – Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vill from the film ‘101 Dalmatians’ is a characteristic figure that can not be staged at all. Typical for you is the black and white hair, which is divided exactly in the middle crest and of course the cigarette tip. The two accessories you should absolutely get, so that the carnival fairing looks authentic and coherent. Then you need a pair of long gloves, a black dress and fur or a coat of artificial fur. The strong make-up must not be missing either.

DIY carnival fairing for children

This children’s costume is perhaps one of the sweetest that we know. You can also create it yourself. For the purpose, of course, a lot of artificial flowers – small and large, are needed. Only the flowers without the flower stalks are attached to a pajama using a hot glue.

Carnival dressing ‘spring’ for little girls themselves

With the leftover leaves, the free space between the flowers can be filled. A lavish head-wreath is also part of the performance for the Spring Goddess.

Carnival fairing – unicorn

The unicorn is a fantastic creature that is popular among the little girls. Why not as a carnival costume? It is easy self-made. An outfit in white is perfect base and it complement pink colored shoes – ballerina shoes or like rubber boots. Even the unicorn tail can be made from yarn or tulle stripes in rainbow colors. The Unicorn can be tinkered when a paper cone is attached to a hair band. It is advisable to use a nice velvet paper or a simple paper with glitter.

DIY carnival fairy ‘Owl’

The owl is a bird, which is very popular among the children as a cuddly toy. Sure, each child would like to dress up as a cute owl. The costume can be made quickly, especially if a sewing machine is available. You have to cut out the ‘spring’ from different residues in brown-gray and arrange them according to the typical spring structure, then sew together.

Carnival fairing idea for boy – Hammerfisch

This cute hammerfisch costume for boys has once again been made on the basis of a pajama. For this, foam – 2 plates, two table ball, gray cap and thick felt material are needed. The hammerfisch is from the family of the sharks and has also a fin. This is made of gray felt and attached on the gray pajama top. The characteristic head of the shark is then also tied to the foam. The two plates must be cut the same, with the tabs between the two plates fixed between them on both sides. Then, when the cap is on the child’s head, the foam is attached and attached.

Carnival costume – peacock costume

Peacocks are beautiful and inspire with their magnificent feathers. In addition, these birds serve as an inspiration and original idea for carnival disguise. The costume is the blue-green peacock feather. These can be found in decolors or ordered online.

Fancy dressing made easy – peacock feather to the costume fixation

Now the question is how to bring the peacock feather to the costume. One possibility is to attach the spring to an oval surface, for example of cardboard, and to make it bearable by means of carriers on the back. A hot glue will be used in this case.

Carnival costume – peacock costume for a little girl

Otherwise you can make a tutu of green and blue tulle by yourself and attach peacock feather. In addition, there must be no real peacock feather. Its characteristic detail is namely the peacock feather eye, which can be felt from felt and tulle creatively.

Peacock tutu itself

How a make tutu without sewing itself may, we have explained before. From felt you can make which creative peacock feather itself and arrange nicely at the tutu.

Peacock for women – make peacock make-up yourself

With a make-up peacock style, every lady will surely become a real eye-catcher at the carnival party. Strongly accentuated eyes by false eyelashes and eyeshadows in shimmering blue-green nuances make the typical make-up appropriate to a peacock costume.

Simple ideas for carnival costume

This very funny carnival disguise is a creative idea that you can really make at the last minute with very little effort yourself. All that is needed are several balloons in purple. The child should also be dressed in this color. The inflated balloons are fixed to the child’s clothing by means of a pair of paper clamps.

DIY carnival costume – Ariel

Every lady, whether small or large, wants to be a princess or a mermaid. And this dream can be realized in seconds. A long wig, like red from Arielle from the Disney movie, and a long skirt with a multi-cut-out in green are needed.

Carnival and makeup ideas for imitating – Avatar

Avatar is unquestionably one of the most impressive films of our time and the blue-skinned inhabitants of Planet Pandora we will always remember. To dress up as one of them for carnival is definitely a good idea, which is however relatively expensive, since you should color not only the face, but also the body in blue.

Neytiry makeup for body and face

The clothing itself is quite simple, rather Indian temperate. The female characters, like Neytiry, also have long braided hair reminding the African braids, which is why you can get a wig in this style and, of course, a sufficient amount of blue make-up.