Homes That They Inspire: a Villa in The Alps

As I write, the Sun of Justice Club my window into the room in a small oven. Fan hums in vain trying to slightly cool the hot air in the afternoon and my only I have the consolation of evading me with images of aVilla in the Alps.

Because not I tell you not have noticed a bit of freshness to see that in the middle of a snowy mountainside wooden house, with spectacular views of the mountains. Perhaps now in summer snow has given way to green pastures, but safe which is the sea cool and with a little luck we can up to see Heidi running around happy out there.

But don’t you keep out, that when it falls the night cools and is better inside. Welcome to the cabin of my dreams.

The entrance of the House is located on the opposite side of the terrace, in a kind of basement. From there, and through a ladder, is accessed to the ground floor, which is a living room, kitchen and dining room.

The living room, all covered in wood and with little decoration, opens onto the terrace, which is nothing more than a bare wood surface (without any enclosure) that flies slightly on the slope, offering spectacular views of all the slope.

If we turn, we access the large dining room, kitchen and a fireplace of concrete is included. The highlight of this stay is el huge window that framed the snow-capped of the cordillera.

The furniture is elegant but understated, manufactured in a wood warm tone, very similar to the entire House. The kitchen, on the other hand, is striking in its retro Green, which gives an air of somewhat strange in the surroundings of the stay. Of course, it does not go unnoticed.

If we continue to rise to reach the 1st floor, where are located four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Apparently it is from a holiday villa and their owners like to have site to accommodate your guests.

The decoration of the rooms follows the line of the rest of the House; wood, wood and more wood, combined with linen and white curtains and, as not, spectacular views.

In the bathroom wood has been left aside for use stainless steel and stone, I guess because of the moisture and durability. To my find me a so cold, it seems the bathroom of a health care institution or something similar, aseptic too for my taste.

Although I’ve said before that this Villa in the Alps It was the cabin of my dreams, actually missing some details to be perfect, as I see it a little soulless. However, if you think about it, with those views who will set in the decoration? It is best to pass unnoticed.