Homes That They Inspire: an 18th-Century Barn Converted into a Modern Housing in The Netherlands

Make a House a building that before it was not is a really exciting task. On the one hand there are to ensure that housing is comfortable, elegant, nice and perfectly functional and on the other hand keep things characteristic of which was the building on the past It gives the House a great charm.

That is exactly what happens with this stable located in the Netherlands and built in 1760. Now studies of BYTR and Zecc architects they have turned it into a modern housing respecting some of the elements of the original building. Although some areas are completely new, in others you can see objects typical of the old stable.

The building is quite large and the House is distributed on two floors, on the ground floor is the kitchen, modern miy and a living room is the room of the House with more elements of the 18th-century stable. Then on the floor we have another small living room, which we can see in the first picture of this article, in which the white walls contrast with the original beams of the building.

Also on the first floor are the bedrooms and the bathrooms. One of the salient features of the building is that on the roof there is a skylight that allows the entrance of natural light and stairs shape make it easy to get this light directly even to the kitchen that is located on the ground floor.

In the image above we can see the Hall of the ground floor which is located in the area that formerly horses were kept and where they have maintained many of the original old building elements as you can see in the photo. This room contrasts with others of the House in which the decoration is much more modern.

Must be borne in mind that it is a building as old had already experienced some works and some of the beams and walls were in bad condition, so it could not be saved. It would have been nice to expose more areas of the original structure, but what was saved was some of the beams of the roof and some other details.

In the photo above kitchen contrasts with the image before we saw the living room. In a very modern style, white color as protagonist, lamps of design and next to the staircase in oak, which is totally different from the old natural wood that remains in some areas and that was characteristic of the old building.

Actually the House is stunning for its contrasts, for my taste the lounge below with the details of the stables of the horses It is a bit excessive, but I guess there are many lovers of horseback riding which it will like. To my I especially like living upstairs room that with a more discreet style, keeps part of the charm of the old building, combined with all the comfort of modern.


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