Your attic is full of old books which you struggle to separate? Do you like the romantico-aged look of the old antiquailles? And if instead of go bargain-hunting in the flea markets in search of a former clock to decorate your interior, you her realize yourself? Here’s how to DIY make a two time book-clock, three-movement…

DIY: make a clock book yourself

What need you:

  • An old book with a hard cover preferably
  • A cutter
  • A bic
  • A pencil
  • Glue
  • Super glue
  • A clock mechanism that you can buy in your hardware store, IKEA or retrieve an old clock.

How to Make a Clock by Yourself 1

How to proceed?

Before you begin this DIY decoration, make sure that the mechanism is not thicker than the book. If this is the case, change the book, otherwise you won’t have enough room to completely follow the mechanism in the book.

How to Make a Clock by Yourself 2

Start by making a hole at the center of the cover of your book. This hole will be used to set the clock to its mechanism. To make this hole, you can use a drill, but it is even easier to make a cut with a cutter and round it with a pen to create a hole. Make sure that it is neither too small, nor too wide! It must be to the dimensions of the protruding part of the mechanism.

How to Make a Clock by Yourself 3

  • Open yourbook and drop the mechanism at the center of the pages. Make sure that the protruding part of the mechanism fits perfectly into the hole you drilled previously and if this is the case, draw the contours of the mechanism on the first page.
  • Then cut these contours (or larger) with a cutter, and this on the thickness of the book.
  • Put super glue on the back of the mechanism, insert the protruding part into the hole in the cover, and stick it on the back of the cover of the book.
  • Paste all the pages of the book together, close the cover and fasten the needles on the front cover.
  • Be sure to put the batteries.
  • Your DIY Book-clock is ready!