Ice Cream Party Snacks – Ideas for Delicious Fingerfood at Mottoparty

Many small children and especially girls are totally enthusiastic about the film “The Ice Queen – Totally Unfrozen” and want a party with this motto for a birthday or another occasion. To complete the perfect ice queen Party to make, you need absolutely delicious finger food that fits the theme.

In this article you will find many great ideas for ice queen party snacks that you can prepare yourself at home.

Ice Queen Decorate Party Snacks appropriately

Like the decoration and the panel, the fingerfood for a Mottoparty should be as much as possible with the theme. At a party with the Ice Queen motto, the party snacks can be decorated in two ways. On the one hand, various sweets can be decorated as snowflakes or other winter motifs. On the other hand, one can use the most popular film figures as a motif for the decoration of the snacks. Funny Ideas for Ice Queen Party snacks with the various motifs to follow.

Ice Cream Party Snacks with movie characters

The main characters of the animation film are the sisters Elsa and Anna. With figures of plastic or paper, you can decorate all kinds of desserts with the two and other figures. If, however, you want to make the party snacks only from edible ingredients, you can create the simplest party fingerfood with the face of Olaf der Schneemann.

A snowman from party snacks

A fun idea for the Ice Queen Party Snacks would be to put various snacks in bowls with which the kids could build themselves a snowman. This idea fits the popular song from the film “Do you want to build a snowman” (“Want to build a snowman”) and is certainly popular by the little ones. Matching snacks that you can use for this are Marshmallows, Schokotropfen, Salzstangen and small orange sweets.

Ice Cream Party Snacks in Glass – Molten Snowman

With vanilla yoghurt, chocolate and sugar eyelets, you can create fingerfood in the glass for the party as melted snowmen. As Olaf said, “some people are worth melting for them” as are the guests of the ice queen party.

Healthy Party Snacks – Olaf the Snowman from Bananas

If you want to prepare healthy party snacks for the children, you can prepare the snowmen from banana slices instead of Marshmallows or other sweets. For this, you should cut the bananas in thick slices and put three slices on the stick. The banana slices are again decorated with chocolate and salt sticks and the healthy snowmen are ready.

Thematic Ice Cream Party Snacks – The nose of Olaf

If you are looking for party snacks, which are both healthy and funny at the same time, then you will find it here. The small baby carrots with a sour cream dip remind the nose of Olaf and are a healthy alternative to the usual party snacks.

Frozen hearts as a party snack

If you want to expand the menu at the ice cream party with some fresh fruit, you can make strawberries as “frozen hearts” and serve them as a sweet party snack. The strawberries are usually heart-shaped and with some cream or melted white chocolate the frozen effect is produced.

Elsa magic wand as a party snack

Another great idea for Ice Queen Party Snacks are these Elsa wands with delicious glaze. They can be easily prepared from salt sticks, white chocolate or any other glaze and sugar sprinkles. Just half of the salt stick in the glaze and roll in sprinkles of your choice.

Creative and simple ice cream party snacks

Although the main characters of the film are most important for the Ice Queen party, you should not neglect the side figures. With a sign “The antlers of Sven” next to the simple salt sticks, they will surely be more striking among the children.

Sweet Party Snacks for Ice Queen Mottoparty

In order for the party meal to be completely coordinated with the theme, you should prepare a party snack for every important film figure. Blue or white lollipops or fruit gums can be called “The ice cream of Kristoff” and therefore also use his figure at the party dinner.

Simple Ideas for Ice Cream Party Snacks

The party snacks and fingerfood at an Ice Queen party are not necessarily complicated and difficult to prepare. With some creativity, you can also convert other simple snacks, such as marshmallows into themed sweets.

Ice Queen Fingerfood – Prepare delicious snowballs

Spherical desserts such as various pastries or chocolates can be rolled into powdered sugar and transformed as snowballs from the film “The Ice Queen”. Homemade coconut balls are perfect for this.

Cupcakes for the Ice Queen Party match decorate

If you have chosen the world-famous cupcakes as party snacks, then you should think about a suitable decoration. The colors that best fit to the ice queen theme are white and blue. For example, you can color the frosting with blue food color or decorate the white glaze with blue snowflakes and sugar beads.

Ice Cream Party Snacks – Snowflake from cupcakes

If you do not want to make a cake for the ice cream party, or if you simply do not have time for it, you can bake cupcakes instead. From several cupcakes, you can even make a big snowflake and replace the cake.

Sweet party snacks with glaze

If you prepare fingerfood for a children’s party, you should put emphasis on diversity, since the little ones have many preferences for the food. With the same glaze you can decorate various sweet party snacks for the ice queen Mottoparty, so the children have a wider choice.

Decorate cookies for the ice queen Mottoparty

One of the most popular party snacks are definitely the cookies. They can be decorated in a variety of ways and are therefore suitable for any Mottopartys. As Ice Queen Party Snacks they can decorate the cookies as snowflakes, snowmen or reindeer.

Ice Cream Candy – Pralines with white chocolate

From white couverture delicious pralines can be prepared as sweet party snacks. Spherical chocolates can be shaped as snowballs and the heart-shaped as small “frozen” hearts. If desired, you can decorate the chocolates with a little blue decorative sugar.

Ice Cream Party Snacks with Marshmallows

Marshmallows are perfect as ice queen party snacks because they are white and remember snow. In order to make the simple Marshmallows more eye-catching and, for example, to be “frozen”, you can drink them in blue sugar and serve them as stems.

Ice cream fingerfood buffet with signs

A great idea for the ice queen Mottoparty would be to create a buffet for the food and drinks and to describe them with funny signs with the movie characters. So the children can be happy that they have tried the carrots of Sven or the Icicles of Elsa.