Living in The Clouds, Fun Study Large Charles McBride and Ryan

This House is well glued to the floor because “The House of the cloud” It is the renovation of a House of double Edwardian facade in Fitzroy North. Over nearly a century, this House has received several modifications.

The architectural firm of Robert McBride Charles y Debbie Ryan projected housing in three parts. This allows a sequence of different and unexpected, rooms with views of the spaces that approach as we move throughout the House.

The facade He has not touched and is exactly like the rest of row houses that populate the street to show respect for the character of the area and the No alteration urban architecture which contrasts with the magnitude of the internal renovation works.

The spaces inside of the original structure are largely of white color, United by the exotic floral carpet that crosses all over the Hall as backbone of the House. This journey through space communicates with the kitchen, entirely decorated in Red. In the heart of the property, the kitchen acts as a bridge that unites the most important spaces.

The dining room, with cloud-like is the trailing space. As a result of the shape of a cloud drawn by a child, has been created the more welcoming stay in the House, where family and friends can eat and have fun surrounded by curved shape. It also has direct access to the garden and the pool, which facilitates the summer meetings, without entering the more intimate rooms.

The wood that it covers the entire wall, ceiling and the floor of the new stay, it gives the feeling of being inside a homemade Coop, but it’s not overwhelming since is balanced with the large windows in the form of cloud that form a spectacular Crystal wall linking outside and inside by the continuity of the strips of wood flooring.

An extension of the House fun and sustainable. A great job!