Make Cardboard Masks Yourself – 12 Ideas for Carnival Masks

Whether it’s for carnival or Halloween, the mask is an important part of many costumes. Instead of buying the masks, you can create them yourself from different materials and with a unique look in the carnival. With paper mache can Carnival masks tinker in various shapes and decorate as desired.

Below you will find many great ideas and instructions for papier mache masks to make yourself, the perfect match for Halloween or Carnival costume.

Recipe and instructions for cardboard masks

To make the mixture for paperboard there are a total of three different methods – with glue, flour or tapetelleister. The selected product is mixed with water until a smooth, sticky consistency results. When the mixture is ready, you should choose a surface in which the cardboard is applied. For a round shape the use of a balloon is recommended. In order to make the papermaking, you need some sheets of newspaper paper that are to be torn or cut into strips.

Cardboard masks are used to make bear costumes

To make this bear mask, you can use a punch balloon as a support. First inflate the balloon, knot it and attach it to the work table. To make the papermaking paper, a strip of newspaper paper is immersed in the mixture, the superfluous is removed and the strip is placed on the balloon and smoothed. This is repeated until the entire balloon is covered with several layers of newspaper paper. For the design of ears and nose you need cardboard or cardboard, which are cut out in a suitable form and attached to the bear mask with painter’s crepe.

Make a mask for the dinosaur costume

Cardboard masks and figures can be painted and decorated as desired. From cardboard, you can create simple round shapes as well as more complex masks and figures. With a bit of skill and creativity, you can even make a dinosaur mask for children or adults. You will find a manual below.

Dinosaurs Cardboard masks – materials and instructions

To get the shape of the dinosaur head, you need a construction helmet, carton, two balloons and tape. First the head with the upper jaw is made of the construction helmet and some cardboard strips. Then inflate the balloons until they get the size of a fist, and attach to the helmet. Now you should stick the whole dinosaur head with masking tape or painter’s crepe, so that no gaps arise. When the mold is ready, you should cover it well with cardboard.

Dinosaur mask

The lower jaw is made entirely from cardboard and finally attached to the upper jaw with adhesive tape and cardboard. When the cardboard box is dry, it can be painted in any color. Now it is only to paint eyes and nose, tinker teeth of paper and stick them to the mask.

Make cardboard masks with balloons yourself

Balloons are perfect for crafting carnival masks. If you want a mask just for the face and not for the whole head, then you can only cover one half of the balloon with papiermache. To remove the balloon, you should make it burst when the cardboard box is completely dry. This leaves only the mask, which you can now decorate as you wish.

Halloween and carnival masks are made of cardboard

Once you have separated the mask from the balloon, you can cut the eyes, mouth and nose in any shape with a cutter knife to create the desired mask. Whether you want to create creepy masks for Halloween or elegant carnival masks – there is no limit in the cardboard masks.

Make cardboard masks from popular figures

Children like to dress up as popular animals and figures for carnivals. With a cardboard box, you can make a mask yourself, which fits the respective costume. It offers a good alternative to children’s make-up and looks just as nice.

Wolfmask made of papier mache – instructions

If you want to create a more complex mask, you should first consider how you can design the different components. Here we have a picture guidance for the crafting of a wolf mask. In order to shape the mouth and the ears, cardboard strips are used, which are attached to the mask with painter’s crepe tape. In order for the mask to look more authentic, painting also plays an important role.

Make cardboard masks with aluminum foil as a base

If you want to make a mask yourself, which fits perfectly on your face, then you can use aluminum foil. Take three adjacent layers of aluminum foil and press the leaves firmly onto your face. It is important that the contours of the nose, lips, eyebrows and cheekbones are well represented. Carefully remove the mask from the face, then cut the eye holes.

Skull make cardboard masks themselves

The finished mask made of aluminum foil should now be applied with painter’s crepe, and you should work directly on the face to keep the contours. Next remove the mask from the face and cover with papiermache. You can paint the dry mask as a skull and thus create a great costume for carnival or Halloween.

Decoration ideas for the skull mask

Skulls Cardboard masks can be painted and decorated as desired. With colorful flower motifs, hearts and jewelery, you can make the so-called Sugar or Candy Skull yourself, which at the same time looks scary and beautiful.

Theater masks made of cardboard

If you are looking for a partner costume for carnival, then you can tinker theater masquerade masks. They can best be made using the alufoil method and symbolize the tragedy and comedy in the theater.

Carnival masks to make carnival and decorate

Carnival does not go without beautiful carnival masks simply. They are the highlight of every costume and offer a great alternative to carnival make-up. Beautiful carnival masks can be bought anywhere in the carnival season, but with a self-made mask your uniqueness is ensured.

Make cardboard masks as carnival masks

To make cardboard masks for the carnival itself, you can either make the mask according to the alufoil method, or you can make cardboard. Another option would be to buy simple half-masks and cover them with papier-mache. This makes them much easier to paint and decorate.

Make Venetian masks yourself

Half-masks for carnival are elegant and can be decorated as desired. Feathers, strass and glitter always present a great idea. With papier mache you can make even beautiful Venezuelan carnival masks and attract a lot of attention.

Mask for Pharaoh costume

You can also make cardboard masks using simple plastic masks. Here you will find a great guide to the disguise of a Pharaoh mask to the appropriate costume. For this you need some cardboard, painter’s crepe and an empty club.

Beautiful cardboard masks make themselves

First, the cardboard is cut out accordingly and the plastic mask attached to it with painter’s crepe. Next, shape the beard from the empty clot and stick to the mask. Then cover the pharaoh mask with papier-mache and let it dry. Finish with gold-colored spray paint, apply blue streaks and paint eyes and eyebrows. Combine the mask with matching panel and your Pharaoh costume for carnival is ready.