Micro Apartments of Thirty Square Meters and with Sloping Ceilings

If you distribute all what should be included a comfortable apartment on 30 sqm already seems difficult, the thing is complicated even more if even over the space has all their sloping ceilings. It is a difficult task but it is not impossible, should the clearances for walking, in the Center and placing certain furniture in areas of lower height.

The apartment of the images in this article is a work of the Dutch study Queeste Architecten and account with bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom… IE, with all that must include an apartment. The balance between the use of space, comfort and aesthetics are searched and has resolved all the best ways, within the possibilities of the space in question.

The white color, It predominates throughout the House, it multiplies the natural light that is received and It makes spaces seem reasonably larger. Orange, on the other hand, gives a cheerful and fun touch in the lounge area. The curved shapes in some of the furniture, soften the set and give it a more dynamic finish.

The trick of taking advantage of the space lies mainly in the placement of certain furniture in areas of lower height, desks, chairs and even the bed are located under the more inclined ceiling areas. The central spaces, of greater height, provide sense of breadth and freedom to walk around the House.

In addition take advantage all the furniture in the possible for storage. However small that is the House its inhabitants will need spaces that keep your things in an orderly manner, in fact how much smaller is the House, more importance comes to order in the storage. If we look we see that there is furniture with doors even in the lower part of the living area seats.