Minipisos: 30 Meters with Divisions

In our series of homes that inspire already on more than one occasion I have spoken of minipisos. However taking into account that live in small spaces is something increasingly common and that the rules change completely when it comes to decorating when we talk about small spaces, I have decided to create a series especially for them.

To start this floor of only 30 square meters, in which we have opted for a single structure of wood by way of Division. This structure allows to separate the different “ rooms ” or areas, even in a limited space.

But we start at the beginning. The bathroom the separate room, it is that enter the grey door qe we see in the first picture. Between it and the wooden structure, is where the front door is.

Then it is room. Floor only consists of her and the bathroom, only that this room has wood structure you see in the image that divides it between the interior of the structure, where the kitchen, the upper part, which is the