Open Doors: a Modern House Dream on The River Mino

On the Mino river, in the Northwest of the peninsula, it is where this modern dream home designed by Quico architect Jorreto. The House has a communal area where you enjoy the views to the surroundings of the river Mino and other more intimate area for private spaces. In the words of its creator:

A cave, an eye looking at the River, seeking Sun and a buried patio giving light, ventilation and protection. Eye large enough for heating in winter and enjoy the scenery, small enough to close it, and to protect the cave.
A transitional space for access to the cave, a place of contemplation and meditation; water, air, Earth and fire. Inside the cave two service blocks separate the space of life and Sun of the private areas and protected by the courtyard rest.

The House is oriented to the South and strategically divided into three separate structures: the garage, a cube with a fully glazed adjacent patio which offers wonderful views to the mountains and the river, and a central hub that houses the main areas of the House as a living room, kitchen or bedrooms. Awesome got elegance with the union of simple concrete blocks integrated in the grass on the slope.

It should be noted that the House has also with a large swimming pool integrated in the volume It is partially located on the hillside. And from the swimming pool one can enjoy the fantastic views that can also be seen from much of the House.

Natural light is of great importance in the interior. Large windows open in concrete slabs, with sliding glass doors, that not only let you enjoy the view from the inside, but that establish a direct communication with the outside and allow spaces inside the House resulting all day very clear.

In the public areas of the interior design is based on open and spacious spaces. The decoration is completed with cheerful colours and soft contemporary design furniture. Also have great importance textiles such as carpets and cushions add-ins.

There are vertical panels of wood painted white, giving the whole a rustic touch. Also clear wood flooring brings warmth to the environment. However the kitchen, which we can see in the image below, and the dining room are modern and rather minimalistic. The House also has an area to work with a white table and chairs, Eames style in various colors, that you can see in the above photo.

The House is a excellent example of balance and harmony in every way, harmony between the landscape and the building outside and inside between the different styles, shapes and colors. Curfews with intense tones that break with the white and the naturalness of the wood are excellent and provide great joy.

Even though the House did not have the environment so wonderful that it has it would still be great, although it must be said that in these cases the views help much to get an excellent environment. I love all contrasts used in decoration and the few times that I can say that I would not change it to House a comma.