“Pascua Ortega Is My Teacher, Jaime Parlade a Reference”. Interview with The Decorator of Interiors RocíO MuñOz Verger

A Rocio Munoz Verger you had always liked the decoration, but never thought to engage professionally in this, even studied one year of DC business and realized that was not what I wanted to do. A schoolmate pushed her in the direction to the ETSAM, and here it is years later and with a background that already would like to many for his youth. Restaurants, offices of large enterprises, shops and private homes.

Disciple of the great Pascua Ortega, beside who recognizes learned it all, that all you need a good decorator: smell, intuition and good taste. He takes it as a reference point and as a flag, but is declared fervent admirer of Jaime Parlade.

A year in the decoration of the study division ofTeresa Sapey and their training in Et Robert million in Paris, in art and antiques appraisal, prepared it to develop professionally with Carmen Alcantara and Eva Fdez Longoria. Also dropped the name of Allegra Hicks among the large international.

Restaurant decorated by Rocío Muñoz Verger

Decoesfera: are in favour of a fusion decor, or mixtures?

Rocío Muñoz Verger: Of course, hence my admiration by Jaime Parladé, has a great pleasure mixing, incredible do know its store in Marbella? A pleasure for the senses…

D. you have learned of the great, is the normal in decoration

R.M. of V.: For nothing, I’ve had good luck, also speak French and be bilingual Spanish, notions of German, has helped me a lot when it comes to choosing my curriculum, the world of decoration is very international.

D: there are many people who fear that the houses decorate very impersonal doing a Decorator… How do avoid you?

R.M. of V.: The first thing is to meet the needs of the client, their tastes, their preferences… And it is very important to take into account the furniture and objects that had previously (if they are worth or you want them to retain)

D: how has it changed the landscape in these years, from opulence to the most brutal crisis?

R.M.de V.: Then what I’ll tell?. We went from having six or eight very good works a year (over ten years) and not give enough, having to reinvent themselves and learn how to do other things, or as simple as dealing with me full time my three children!

D: dew, convince us that we renew the House…

R m V.: Hahaha, I always recommend an integral decoration, from beginning to end… When you first start, should make it whole so there are no patches and gobs, being the first that you don’t like customer.

Unfortunately, for the type of decoration that I, at this time there is little demand. To make a workaround, with two papers and a mona telita, there are thousand sites and do not need a professional.

D: Let’s make a game of Association of ideas, tell us the first thing that comes to mind.

fabrics… Raoul Textiles

wallpaper… Neisha Crossland

flower… Peonies

furniture… German Biedermeier desk

Chair… Wood and leather seat back

odor… Green tea and vanilla

carpet… Old Kilim

Crystal… Acid

wood… Oak natural brushed

Thank you very much, Rocío by sharing your time and tell us so much. We are also grateful to the Restaurant bib the transfer of images to the interview.