Practical Residential Ideas Hide Rooms – Secret Doors

In every manorial castle, there was at least one secret passage or secret room in the past and, of course, a well-hidden door. He served for hiding and as a means of escape. What used to work well can be useful today. Through a few practical living ideas we reveal how many ways actually exist to hidden to make a door to the storage room, the garden, or simply as a wall passage aesthetically.

Practical residential ideas with secret doors and rooms

Usually it is about transitional rooms, rooms, which are adjoining each other and are often discreetly connected or a rarely used door. In all situations you do not want this door to be in direct view. Especially in the living room a second door looks aesthetically disturbing and takes away space, which can be used differently.

Practical residential ideas such as doors and rooms to hide

Intersecting rooms can be divided relatively simply by a dry wall. Sometimes it is however desired, the newly developed separate rooms, and / or rooms and hall, not completely separate. An intermediate wall brings several advantages, but the connection between two rooms can be very useful on the other hand. The optimal solution for this space situation is to design the partition wall as a wall system and to incorporate into it a secret door.

Practical residential ideas with hidden doors

A secretive door can be hidden in a wall system, since the individual barrier elements can be made to measure and correspond to the proportions of a conventional door. Special mechanisms allow you to rotate around your own axis and open the secret door. Another variant is that only this barrier element can be moved.

Practical residential ideas – Hidden door behind the wall cladding

Wall claddings hide bumps on the original walls and make them look uniform. They give the wall new structure and modern effect. However, a wall cladding is the perfect way to conceal an intermediate door very aesthetically. Wood panels and others in natural stone optics, you are the most popular for modern wall cladding, and due to their linear proportions are also perfect for concealing a door.

Practical residential ideas – secret door in the library wall

From films and stories we all know the ‘secret passage’ through the library shelves. Once the right book is taken out and the secret door opens. We can also use this secret tip for us. A book wall does not look old-fashioned. Their design should always be adapted to the individual conditions and characteristics of the room and the furniture in the room. In addition, the books can be sorted very creatively, for example by color.

Practical residential ideas for kitchen – hide pantry

Secret doors are very practical to optimize the vertical position. On a door that is rarely used, ie no exterior door, practical wall shelves can be installed and thus provide more storage space. In no other space are storage space as high as in the kitchen.

Practical residential ideas – storage room behind a kitchen cabinet

If a housewife has a kitchen with a corresponding pantry, she is certainly happy. However, an additional door can make the modern kitchen design more difficult. Klever is to transform this design disadvantage into an advantage. The door of the pantry or storage room can be designed as part of the kitchen equipment. A rotatable mechanism then allows the door to be opened and closed.

Practical living ideas for living rooms – Hidden mini-bar

If you in the living room happy guests receive, is also a small bar sensible. So that this does not fall directly into the eye, especially when children live in the household, it is comprehensible to keep all the drinks and accessories somewhat concealed. The practical residential idea offers a small secret space behind a book wall or barrier element. A push of a button or a rotating movement makes it easy to get access to the mini-bar.

Practical residential ideas – Concealed rooms

Secret doors are nothing but doors, which the house owner somehow has hidden, so they do not immediately notice. These can serve as a wall passage, but also lead to a secret passage or hidden rooms. In particular wall cladding, such as paneling, offer ideal conditions for concealing a door aesthetically.

Practical residential ideas with wallpaper – secret doors

Apart from wall cladding, wallpapers also function quite well as a camouflage to hide a secret door. Playful patterns, colors and textures draw your attention and allow the rectangular contours of a conventional door to disappear. Naturally, in order to achieve an optimal visual illusion, it is necessary to use the wallpaper as well as on the wall, as well as on the moving part. To the door, perfectly. Stucco elements and skirting boards must be cut to size.

Practical residential ideas – Movable secret door serves as room separation

Movable dividers and intermediate doors that run into the wall can also be called modern secret doors. They are absolutely flush and save a lot of space. With built-in wall shelves, they disappear from sight and fit perfectly to the interior.

Practical living ideas optimize the space under the staircase

Beneath each staircase is a lot of space, which is mostly unused. In addition, it is not unusual that at this point, living space and garage or basement adjoin each other. Thanks to a well thought-out construction, this space can be optimized. Look at our two suggestions.

Practical residential ideas – Hiding the safe behind the wall mirror

Long before there were safes, you could protect your valuable things behind a secret door or in a secret compartment. Even then, large wall mirrors were often thick frame as camouflage. When the door opens, the door movement is ensured and the door itself is not recognized. Otherwise, if the door opens rearwards, the door frames should at the same time fulfill the role of the mirror frame.

Practical residential ideas conceal immense residential elements

Slightly held sliding doors, which act more like wall plaster or wall cladding, can be called secret doors, because they also have something behind them. Usually the wetlands and kitchen niches, which are included in the living room from the ground plan. If this niche is located in an oriel, it is easy to close it with a sliding door. If it is more central in the room, it is useful to incorporate the wet point into a kind of cabinet or chest of drawers.

Practical residential ideas for imitation – make your own secret

A secret door can be built on it. We would recommend the variant as a practical wall cover. By means of rectangular offset elements, a structure can be formed, behind which each wall passage optically disappears.