Repair Laminate – Tips for Scratches, Holes & Other Damage in the Floor

So hard you pay attention over the years often cause scratches in the laminate that are just plain ugly and disturbing. Now you will have different options available that allow you to damage the repair laminate can. Either you simply change the respective plank or try to repair the plank in different ways.

Which of the two variants to repair laminate is the better, you will learn in this article.

Instead of laminate repair, replace the board

Since the boards of the laminate are mounted by means of a simple click system, they can also be simply disassembled accordingly. You can change a scratched board quickly. However, you must also be sure that the same model is still offered or that you still have some boards left after laying the laminate floor. However, this variant, with which you can repair the laminate, is only recommended if the disturbing scratch is somewhere on the edge of the room and not too many boards have to be loosened. If the scratch is in the middle, the whole thing would simply be too much. In this case, you should try one of the following tips before attempting to change.

Repair laminate with repair set

Alternatively, you can repair the laminate using a special laminate repair kit. Such sets are offered in the DIY store and in various colors, so you can easily find the necessary variant for your floor. This is dyed wax, which is first melted and then applied to the scratch. The set contains all necessary items, including a spatula for applying and removing the excess wax. The wax quickly becomes hard and ensures that the scratch is no longer visible.

How to repair holes in the laminate?

In the same way, so with wax, you can also repair a hole in the laminate. Similarly, the paste, which is also offered in the construction market, is used to repair the laminate with it. Holes or scratches are filled with the paste, which should have the right color. The surplus is deducted again. You can use a razor blade or a spatula. All that remains afterwards is to wait for the paste to dry and harden.

Repair the flaked laminate

You can also repair damaged laminate with the above mentioned repair kits. This is probably the fastest and easiest variant for a laminate repair. If you have a spare laminate, you can also try a more elaborate method. Remove from the spare parts a piece of the foil coating with the size and shape of the chipped part. You can now stick this piece. It is best to use wooden spatula or putty, which should have the same color as the laminate. If the edges of the new piece should be over, you can carefully sand them with fine sandpaper.

Repair laminate flooring – Remove superficial scratches with oil

If the scratches in the laminate are not too noticeable and small, you can try it with oil first. If it is only a matter of superficial scratches, it is usually not necessary to get a repair kit, let alone change the whole board. So before you go to bigger measures, try it with olive oil or baby oil. This should be done after you have wiped the laminate. Then wait until the floor is dried before you repair the laminate with oil. Distribute the oil with any cloth to the damaged areas. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the floor and remove the excess oil. The laminate becomes very slippery and there is a risk of skidding!

Repair the fire hole in the laminate

Fire holes are created especially quickly when the room is heated with a fireplace and hot coal falls on the floor. With such damage the repair is already somewhat more complicated. In any case, a repair kit is necessary, with the wax or paste you fill the hole. However, the problem remains that in such cases the edge of the hole is discolored by burning the surface black or brown. Since you can not easily cover it with wax or the paste, or if it continues to glow, you should scrap these spots carefully beforehand. If the burn marks are removed, continue with the laminate repair kit, as described in the instructions.

Repair laminate breakage

If a board breaks when laying, this is usually no problem. You should plan to use more and more floor coverings in order to have a replacement on hand in such cases or over time. If this is not the case, or if there is a break in the laminate after many years, and you do not have the option to replace the board, the repair kit is again the best aid if you want to repair your laminate. Usually the break is not too noticeable. Should it disturb you, just cover it with wax or a paste in matching color.

Repair laminate wear

To what extent you can repair worn laminate depends of course on the degree of wear. If you only need a few blunt spots, you can polish the plastic film with which the panels are coated. For this, wax is used which refreshes the laminate wonderfully. The film is, in principle, a photo of wood, which is glued to the panels, so that the laminate should not only look beautiful. The panel itself is also protected in this way. However, if the coating is heavily worn, polishing can not change anything. So, so to speak, the “photo” is partly scraped, you can not even return with a polishing. In this case, either change the floorboards or lay a whole new floor.

Replace swollen laminate for water damage

Water penetrating through the joints between the boards is the biggest enemy of the laminate, as it makes the boards swell and repair the laminate or even replace it altogether. This does not apply to the regular wiping with the mop, but water damage caused by a pipe break or the like can mean the “off” for flooring. Already because of the moisture accumulated under the laminate, this must be removed. The underlying insulation is also damp and must be replaced. If you do not have any further damage, you can simply dry the floorboards, or leave them to dry and re-install. Some may need to be replaced. If damage is found only on some boards, it is not compulsory to loosen the boards of the entire floor. Then remove only those that are necessary to reach the respective, damaged floorboards.