Solar House Made of Wood in the Countryside – A Passive House with Striking Design

The architect Steven Holl Architects have a solar house made of wood designed, located in a green area in Rhinebeck, New York. The passive house has a striking design made from both the outside, and indoors, of various geometric shapes. With this project the architects have built a completely independent house in the green.

Solar house made of wood with round elements in design

Geometrical shapes are of central importance for the architecture of this solar house. Spherical rooms and windows intersect with trapezoids and create a spacious interior. A wooden ball, carved in the house, welcomes everyone who enters the house. The large windows invite the surrounding nature into the house and so called for a natural living.

Solar house made of wood and natural materials

The passive house in the green is almost exclusively made of raw materials. The window and door frames as well as the stairs are made of mahogany and the walls of birch plywood. No gypsum boards are used in the construction of the house. The interior is predominantly made of wood furniture, which is in harmony with the nature and the rest of the solar house.

Sustainable Architecture – A Passive House in the Green

Instead of fossil energy, the house is geothermically heated. The passive house is designed as a sun house and receives electricity directly from the sun, instead of from a power grid. Thanks to the solar battery, a complete energy independence of the house is achieved. All luminaires are made of bioplastics and the glass and wood for house construction are locally procured.