Tetris Apartments. Sustainable Dwellings in Slovenia

The countries of the Eastern Europe they are changing their way of life and is one of the best parameters to measure this change from countries expanding their architecture.

While it is true that they still hang some old trends sober, an era of less bonanza and a greyer picture, most of the studies of architecture have been launched to new designs and more ecological concepts of architecture, an example are these social housing design, the Tetris apartments.

An apartment building in the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia, designed by the architects ROK Oman y Spela Videcnik According to the new rules of urban social order, consists of four floors, plus two underground garages and was sold to the Slovenian of the Housing Fund.

By their social nature, the building was built with low cost materials but good quality, We can find flats of Oak wood, bathrooms with tiles of Granite, large windows with metal roller shutters, walls with plaster finishes, external wall embracing the lodge can be glazed or coated with pre fabricated panel, these panels are made of wood of three colors which date back to the model of vertical zigzag. The balcony railings are metal, both perforated and vertical long.

The houses are designed as a sustainable, Thus, the balconies and winter gardens Dim temperature, lowering costs air conditioning inside. An example of social sustainable architecture. A great idea in every way.