The Floating House with Balcony Glass Balconies in South Korea

The beautiful “floating” house is located in Gyeonggi, South Korea and was designed in 2009 by the architects Hyunjoon You. This housing project particularly impressed by its location on the Han River and the magical view that the long balcony glass railing allows. The house has been conceived for a couple who run an elegant Korean restaurant with traditional cuisine.

Quiet house with balcony balconies made of glass

The householders dreamed of a view of the river from a level on the level of a third floor, which is undoubtedly achieved thanks to the architecture and the balconies of glass which surround the whole building. The house with the fantastic panorama has a main building, guest house in the backyard, barbecue and swimming pool in the large, sunny courtyard to the south. To view the river from the backyard and the guesthouse, the main building was raised from the ground by means of a pillar structure with thick columns, so that passages were created and the beautiful view was not impaired.

 Balcony glass balconies for a wonderful view

From each part of this house you can see the river. The large, planted roof terrace offers the possibility to admire the river from above. To make the house look larger, a 1 meter wide balcony with glass balconies runs around the entire building. Black concrete in tile optics was used for the façade to retain the typical Korean style. The living rooms are distributed in the middle of the house, so that thanks to the large window front and the glass railing on the balcony a “visual relationship” with the river is always maintained.