The Proposal of Pb Elemental Architecture in Seattle

One of the ways to find good ideas to decorate our own House It is curious at how others have decorated their own, so this section like so much of open doors, because it gives us the chance to know whole houses, of all styles, although the modern majority, in which they analyze how have been distributed and decorated spaces and see if there is something that we inspire for our.

This time turn to a House in Seattle created by PB elemental Architecture, input to live there I find you several drawbacks, on the one hand the large Windows, While they allow plenty of light to enter the House and that’s good, they will also the neighbouring voyeurs delight, and that no longer seems so good idea, I do not I’d like to feel I observed throughout the day, I think I would add a few good curtains.

The second problem that I find are the stairs, the House is distributed in three heights or we might almost say four, have the entrance on the ground floor, then we go up to the sitting area, living room and kitchen, on the next floor is the bedroom with bath and can even keep going up to the roof or terrace.

The House has only a few hundred and fifty square meters, and with so many stairs, plenty of usable space, is lost if we had the same thing in a single plant more, could exploit also the walking all day up and down is not intended for me, and the experience of some friends that live in housing three heights, I know that in the end many times it ends up being a nuisance for many things.

Now, saving these functional drawbacks, as regards design the House seems lovely in every way, but I insist that I have a feeling that is more to see that you for living. As said before in the first floor we have the seating area, a kitchenette with ample Living room and also a spacious dining-room environment.

Another thing that I am not convinced, the Open-plan kitchen, by very good to make the extraction when cook always is no vapours and odours that are almost impossible to avoid, and I don’t like that sofas are so close to the kitchen for that reason, I having so much space would separate lounge kitchen physically, of that I’m sure.

What I really like is that the sofá is facing the window, especially if the House is in a place with good views, taking into account the uninteresting things that typically make today on TV, nothing better than a good landscape relax. I also like the table of Dining room is at the other end, quite remote from the room, although there is no physical separation between both environments, the distance clearly makes a difference.

The kitchen combining wood, which predominates throughout the House with the steel that gives an industrial touch, a central island separating the area of kitchen of what will later be salon, style is modern in all environments, although quite sober and timeless, these styles that do not go out of fashion quickly, but are maintained over time materials, both for shapes and colors chosen.

On the top floor the more intimate area, bedroom main and bath, although the window in the bedroom still occupies the entire main wall, understand that it is clear that curtains are essential in this case. The chosen colours, wood and chocolate like me… several shades of Brown combined with white, they are my favorite and my provide very warm environments.

The bathroom It is also very broad, if that window is made narrow and leaves only view the basins area, after the shower and wc are hidden abroad, again the color chosen for the mosaics of the shower has been the chocolate, which is again combining white and wood.

Perhaps some House may seem them a little boring and monochrome, to me is that I love wood and Brown, find it me very nice, also, if we want to give a touch more lively or colourful, for example now that come spring, can always do it with colors pads or changing bed linen or towels for lighter shades.

I leave you some pictures of the housing in the Gallery, though it has much more to do, had already mentioned that it is small and also useful meters are reduced by the staircase occupies quite. But within that has very interesting details, for example the beams on the roof of the Hall, which found me beautiful.

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