The Time in a Captivating Typeface: Clock LEXON Script

The brothers Adrian & Jeremy Wright they have won the prestigious Red Dot design award with their watches Script desktop and bracelet for Lexon Design. Another deserved award for a product of a company that continues to be a world leader in it comes to contemporary design.

It is a clock designed to put all the emphasis on a captivating digital screen that offers us the hour with an elegant font inspired by the fluid and handwriting stroke type Script. Not by chance has been so named this watch.

Not by chance has been so named this watch beautiful simplicity and radical modernity, but with a captivating typeface which is the master writers of the 18th century. Of elegant writing of yesteryear on a modern LCD Electroluminescent technology.

This stainless steel and leather strap digital watch sold by €129.00. Available in a fabulous black and another version with aluminium frame. And don’t miss the magnificent models of desktop (also can be placed on the wall) in different colors.