Twelvetimesmoreteeny, Decorate Your Dolls House as Your Kitchen

I don’t know if you are amateur dolls houses, but as lovers of decoration, surely once you have flicked between the products available for these toys, and you have fallen in love with you some furniture or complement, wanting to keep it for you at home. Something they must have thought the ovetenses Twelvetimesmoreteeny, are you dedicated to sell household items for dollhouses that You can also purchase real size.

This small shop, located in Oviedo, sold on Etsy and for the comments on the website of handicraft, you must be doing well. The truth is that his pieces are inspiring, we note that they are made with much mimo and myself wouldn’t mind I have at home one of their dishes or your cups.

Drawings, pastel colors, combined with sober tableware and other letters, you give them a vintage air. Your hobby are the? dolls houses?