Unconventional Homes: a Modern Housing Built into The Ruins of an Old Castle

The medieval castle of Astley It was sometime home of an aristocratic family English. It is a castle from the 12th century ruins located in Warwickshire in England. The castle was in ruins since in 1970 a devastating fire wiped out the hotel which occupied the building at that time.

Now behind the demolished walls of the Castle has been built a contemporary House, which has a total of four bedrooms that could sleep eight people. The work is of Witherford Watson Mann and is one of the six nominees for the 2013 Stirling Prize.

As he had no budget to restore the building, The Landmark Trust launched a competition for the design of a House that it could be created within the structure of the Castle, and in 2007 announced the London study Witherford Watson Mann as the winner. We can see the result in the pictures of this article.

The architects designed a two-story residence within the walls of the building. You can see a visible contrast between the old Castle and new of the House structures. Now laminated wooden beams form a new system of floors and ceilings.

The castle is from the 12th century but it has also built in the 16th and 18th centuries parts, instead of covering these areas have been left hollow forming a kind of courtyard between the old structure and the interior of the building.