Unconventional Homes: an Ambulance Garage Converted into Housing

Not all homes have been built originally to be. There are buildings that were built with other order entry and subsequently transform to get resulting habitable. In Decoesfera other examples we have seen before and today we have one very original one of those houses that we can ensure that it is unconventional.

Doepel Strijkers along with the study of architects LEX has a former ambulance garage transformed into a House which has been given the Parksite name and is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The garage was located next to a park and that the back wall has been changed by a large glass window that connects them directly, but this is not the only change.

Something very curious and striking in this building is in the Centre and is the level shift. The lower zone is used to place in her kitchen that draws attention also by its intense orange color that contrasts with the white of the rest of the House.

The stairs that is lowered to the kitchen, also in bright orange polyurethane, include blocks in some steps that can serve as seating or tables if one sits on the lower rungs, is this one of the most curious details.

Above the kitchen is it private area with bedrooms and bathrooms, they are inside a box of translucent polycarbonate, so lighting is achieved with lights LED spreads above the kitchen area.

Climbing the stairs of orange color to the garden, reaching the level is a little higher we are with the living area that communicates directly with the outside, and from which, therefore, you can enjoy the relaxing views provided by the Park.

To access the most intimate area of the House you have to sfirst up’mp the stairs of orange color that are on the opposite side of the Park, just behind the dining area and then enter other closed stairs.

Here you start to see the color change, the Orange disappears and are more relaxing, neutral colors. Unfortunately I have no photos of the bedrooms, but I bet its design is as original as the rest of the House and keeping the same guidelines of style.

What we do see is this part of one of the really minimalist style bathrooms, all in white to contrast with the intense orange of the kitchen area. The House as a whole is not decorated to everyone’s taste, but I am sure that will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is one of these houses that are worth seeing, first by the originality of reform and the project itself and secondly because it has some really original, in this case above all the related details with the use of space and different levels and heights different areas of the building.