Unconventional Houses: ‘The House in Muko’ of Fujiwaramuro Architects

The design of the facade of a building is often closely related to his interior, for example the facade conditions light from entering the housing. The effect of natural light inside might be really fascinating when it’s a House with a very original design as of ‘The House in Muko’ Fujiwaramuro architects in Kyoto, Japan.

I do not know if with this view of the interior of the House you can get an idea of as the House is outside, But yes, it is as you’re imagining it you. It is a really different and very original building in its form. The best thing will be to see it on the outside and that we also curioseemos a little more inside to appreciate the details.

As you can see in addition to the unique triangular shape of the floor of the building itself, the most striking are the vertical elements spanning the entire façade. In addition to give the building a look with lots of personality these elements are responsible for the effects that creates natural light into the interior of the House.

These modular vertical elements make up a facade that allows the entry of sunlight at all times and from all angles. Depending on the direction from which inter light enter in direct, or through reflection, it is the light that comes from the South which comes into the House in a more direct way and the people you see in the first picture of this article.

Another characteristic of this housing thing is that almost all of the rooms are in the same space. On the same floor we find the living room, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom, we can see together in the first image in the article.

The vertical elements that control the entry of light in this area operate as a kind of Sundial, because depending on whatever the entry of light in every moment and shadows that are projected can know exactly what time it is. On first line next to the windows we have the kitchen and dining room, sofa and bed are more retired towards the interior of the space.

An attic is enabled as room for the children of the House, We can see it in the image above and there is also a bathroom. Personally in the attic for the children I am not convinced much due to the dangers which may involve the ladder for them. If the House was mine I would prefer that they were playing down.

But removing that, as far as design is concerned House seems flawless and beautiful effects of light in it. The Japanese minimalist style furniture It is always very elegant and the inner fibers swing slightly breaks the seriousness of the environment and gives a very nice more casual touch.