Unusual Lamps Made of Aluminum form Magical Light Effects

When the young designer, Chen Bikovski, who was practicing in Tel Aviv, was still a child, she was fascinated by pop-up children’s books. The comprehensive experience of flipping out the folding books from childhood inspired her to convert the idea into a designer project. Therefore, it has created a collection of elegant sconces made of aluminum, with its minimalist design and special lighting effects impress.

Popup Lighting are unusual lamps, which turn into magical animals, when you turn on the light.

Fancy lamps that illuminate as magical animals

The idea of the designer behind the fancy wall lamps was to design a permanent luminaire that can create a magical ambience in every room. At first glance, the wall lamps look like minimalist Origami sculptures made of aluminum that adorn the wall. If, however, the light is switched on, the lamps appear as magical deer or peacocks. Beams behind each luminaire create a beautiful light effect that, depending on the chosen design, depicts the antlers of the deer or the feathers of the peacock.

Unusual lamps with creative design – The peacock wall lamp

Bikovski has produced two designs of her lamps so far, but she is working on her next project. In addition to the deer and peacock wall lamp, the designer has designed a great table lamp that depicts house plants and especially cacti. The already produced wall lamps are available in an elegant color palette and are perfect for floorboards, dining, sleeping and living rooms. Moreover, the fancy lamps fit perfectly in a children’s room because they stimulate the imagination and create magical light effects, which would surely inspire the children.