Use Ginger to Lose Weight – Effective Combinations with Other Foods

Ginger is a popular, common spice, which is known for its distinctive, intense taste and gives many dishes a characteristic sharpness. You have certainly experienced the healing and beneficial effects of ginger in colds on your own. Ginger can do much more and we will show in this article how to remove Ginger can.

With ginger take off – effective ingredients

The aromatic ginger perennial with their sharp and tangy flavor owes your supportive effect when removing the ingredients gingerol, Shogaol and Zingerone that are actually responsible for the sharpness. Cinrol and Borneol stimulate the circulation and promote digestion.

With ginger lose weight – effect

Meanwhile, it has also been scientifically proven that the magic tubers help with weight loss. Its piquant taste fires the metabolism and prevents the storage of fat. Ginger in the form of ginger tea or ginger water directs the toxins, stimulates gastric juice production and has a digestion-promoting effect. In addition, ginger increases salivation and bile flow and activates intestinal peristalsis. Ginger has a calorie-burning effect and suppresses appetite.

Lose weight with ginger

In order to fight gypsum in a natural way with ginger, there are numerous variations for the preparation of the Powerknolle. Ginger can also be combined with other ingredients and is the basis of several common diets. Just try it out and choose the best way to taste the best.

Ginger and ginger tea

Ginger water can be easily prepared from water and fresh or dried ginger and served cold or warm. Although both terms are used synonymously, the difference between ginger water and ginger tea is that ginger tea can contain other ingredients such as spices, herbs etc. in addition to the ginger. In principle, the preparation of ginger tea is the same as the production of ginger water.

Ginger Recipe – Recipe

For the preparation of ginger water, peel a piece of ginger and cut it in small pieces. Bring water to the boil and then pour 5-6 ginger pieces in a teapot with the boiling water. Allow the ginger water to pull for 10-15 minutes.

Intense ginger water with grated ginger

This mild ginger water is very popular with many people and is also drunk as a refreshing drink. If you want to achieve a stronger effect and withstand the sharp taste, you can also rub the ginger and drink the finely grated Ingwermark or else to sift.

With ginger take off – the cooking variant

Alternatively, you can simmer the ginger pieces in the water 10-15 and let it rest for another 5 minutes. You can separate the pieces by means of a sieve. The effect of the boiled ginger water is more intense than with the pure infusion and the taste is accordingly sharper.

Ginger tea diet

According to the ginger tea diet, you have to drink a cup of the drink after each meal. Even with a cup of ginger tea daily the calorie consumption is increased. On the way to the desired weight you can support this drink properly, but a lot of exercise and a conscious diet continue to be a right and successful diet.

Ginger Lemon Tea

The preparation of ginger tea can be easily integrated into your everyday life and also prepare tea in the office according to your own taste. Of course, you can vary the preparation of your slimy water while at the same time providing variety.

Refreshing and effective combination

How about a ginger drink with lemon? The real vitamin bomb ensures the fat content of the fat cells due to the high content of vitamin C. Refine your tea with honey or maple syrup and add the lemon juice to the end.

Remove with green tea, cinnamon and ginger

To get a delicious ginger drink, you can pour the ginger instead of hot water with green or black tea. If you want to lose weight with ginger, you can try an effective and delicious combination with green tea and cinnamon.

Weight-reducing ingredients for healthy weight loss

Boil 1 l of water 5 minutes with the ginger and a spoon of cinnamon. Take the pot from the stove and add two spoons of green tea. Cinnamon has a positive effect on digestion, in which it reduces flatulence and acidity. The green tea also activates the metabolism and has a positive effect on fluid retention.

Remove the lemonade from the cucumber, mint and ginger

Sufficient fluid intake is indispensable for the body even without a diet. If it is difficult for you to drink enough during the day, try a slimming drink refined with cucumber and mint. Add 2 l of water, 1 tsp of grated ginger, a cucumber, lemon in thin slices, and 10-12 leaves of fresh peppermint into a jar and let it all over night in the refrigerator.

Cucumbers – Helpful with any diet

The cucumber acts dehydrating, stimulates the metabolism and has a declining effect. The medicinal plant peppermint not only refreshes but also anesthetically on the gastric mucosa, whereby also the feeling of hunger disappears and the fat metabolism is cranked.

Remove with chili and ginger

If you like keen food, you can also combine ginger with chili and ensure your slim line. The chilli ginger diet leaves you a lot of room to look at and besides a balanced diet, the use of fresh chillies and gingerballs in the preparation of meals before.

Hot chilli tea slows down hunger

In the morning, take a cup of ginger tea and, before or during meals, a cup of Chilitee made from 250 ml of water, 1 teaspoon of roibo tea, 1 teaspoon of rose hips and a small, cored chilli. The chili active ingredients prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, act as a natural appetite suppressant and ensure fast saturation. In addition, the sharpness of the active ingredient capsaicin stimulates the production of happiness hormones. Depending on the initial weight, the chilli ginger diet can be reduced by 1-2 kg per week.

Ginger garlic tea

The experimenters of you who want to taste something new can eat garlic ginger tea as a means of losing weight. Do not worry, the ginger neutralizes the typical garlic smell. This tea is detoxifying and stimulates metabolism.

Ginger root and garlic stimulate the metabolism

Pour over the thin slices of ginger root and 2 chopped garlic cloves with water and let the tea draw for about 2 hours. Although the Powerknolle is undoubtedly healthy, it is recommended that pregnant women and people with stomach problems, diabetes or high blood pressure consult your doctor before consumption.