Use Provencal Style to Renew Environments

To give a rustic French tone to your home the Provencal style is ideal. With white furniture, soft tones and floral prints you’ll have a little piece of France in your house. This style has peaked in the years 80 and refers to the 16th and 18th centuries and is also called “French Country Style”. It emerged in the peasant families, which used the materials available on their farms to create a unique furnishings that imitated the decoration of the court.

The Provençal table decor seeks this essence for a decoration with style and refinement. Imitating the wear of the parts, as they were made when this style arose, the Provençal table decoration generally uses as a feature to Patina, which delivers to the furnishings of this style. So you can enjoy all the charm of the Provencal table decor, the West wing selected some decorating tips to guide you and create personalized spaces and full of personality!

Use Provencal Style to Renew Environments

Mixing styles to create something totally unique and personalized is the choice of many people. Those who wish to give Romanticism and rescue classical elements to renew the decoration of the House should adopt the Provencal table decoration. You can apply this furniture in the living room and kitchen.

The Provençal table decoration is made with patina – the way of which is known to adapt the furnishings in the Provencal style. White ink is used or soft tones for painting – adding all the romanticism that the Provencal style provides. Round or rectangular, the Provencal table dialogues with the modern and old and can be reinforced with tables and objects that break the white of the furniture and give more joy to the style of decoration chosen.

Use Provençal Table Decor at Parties

The Provencal table decor is perfect for giving beauty, plus practicality at the time of serving and receiving guests from your party. She can serve as a support for cake, cupcakes or even to put the decorations of your party, whether it’s her birthday, wedding or a fraternization between friends and family.

For loading romanticism, the Provencal table decor combines with romantic and feminine themes. If the choice of Provençal table decoration is only to be used for parties, you can opt for the Provencal table rental.