With This Watch, If You Want to Know The Time You Have before That Solve The Equation

Why have a clock that you can know the time just at a glance? Albert want to get the most difficult things and at the same time to train yourself (or the younger members of the household) in the solving simple equations.

It is a wall clock that, as we can see in the pictures, has large white numbers on a black background and with a special typeface to make mathematical operations be better differentiated.

The top line corresponds to the hours and the lower the minute, but instead of directly indicate a figure, raised Basic equations with addition, subtraction, Division, and multiplication I will have to settle for time.

There are four difficulty levels that you can select at will and in all the equations are very simple, but it will keep us the mathematical mind active if we use it several times a day.

Price and availability

Albert is seeking funding on Kickstarter and hope to go on sale in January 2016 at a price of 240 euros.