5 Mistakes That Disturb the Economy of Energy!

Saving energy is a challenge in any environment that requires the daily consumption. The more you invest in good methods of economy, and seek to control the use of this to the maximum, there are always factors that may hinder the planning and some of these factors end up passing unnoticed to our eyes.

5 Mistakes That Disturb the Economy of Energy!

I knew that small detail that this time you do not consider very well may be interfering with the energy consumption of the environment, and making him spend more without realizing it? Well, we have listed in this post some of these factors so that you start to pay attention and decrease your consumption of way too significant!

Air conditioning

The air conditioning is the great friend of the summer, however the misuse of the appliance may bring harm incomparable. The first error is to buy the product and not check if it is certified by Procel. The certificate is the main guarantee that the product will work according to the criteria promised. Another common error is not to check the cleanliness of the unit. When dirty, he ends up making a greater effort to work resulting in increased consumption. A very common error is to open and close doors frequently while using the air conditioning.It is necessary to check the air vents so as not to overload the operation of the product.

Fridge and freezer

Open freezers and fridges on a hot day it seems an action inevitable. But it is also inevitable to pay more expensive for it. In periods of hot the coolers tend to work more to be able to keep the temperature of the food when opening and closing becomes very frequent, the difficulties of cooling increases, thus the light bill also. The same happens when they are stored foods very hot in the refrigerator, resulting in increased power consumption.A very common error is to not check the rubber of the fridge door, that may be getting in the refrigeramento and wasting energy.

Stand by

Appliances connected to the outlet even when not in use represent about 12% of energy consumption. So forget the habit of leaving them straight in the outlet when you spend a lot of time without using them. It is common for Tvs, computers, microwaves and other equipment for temporary use, to be direct connected in the socket, they are often days without being used and in this time the consumption continues.


During the summer, especially, the temperature of the water is changed naturally. Which eliminates the use of electric shower! A constant action is to leave the shower turned on even if the natural water is in good temperature. At a minimum you should let it off on the hottest days, but the off during the entire period you will get a economy unparalleled!


In addition to not checking the assignments of the bulbs to buy them a lot of people resist the exchange of the fluorescent by with LED technology. The LED bulbs are highly cost effective and feature versions that excel in low energy consumption and harnessing light. Another serious error is to install the lamp without assessing the need of the location. The LED bulbs have special assignments for each room and pay attention to it will help you save a lot.