Azerbaijan General Information

The sunny country of Azerbaijan has a set of attractions that will not leave indifferent the most sophisticated tourist. Various museums, galleries, exhibitions are also interesting. Azerbaijan also has unique ancient mausoleums and other noteworthy sights. Certainly, the traces of the past in the form of rock paintings, fortresses in the rocks, tombstones and monuments, and sites of ancient people will attract attention. The architecture of the ancient cities of the state, monuments of culture and religion are interesting. Unusually colorful folk holidays. Republican reserves are rich in flora and fauna. The largest settlements will delight you with fancy fountains, wide squares, ancient administrative buildings, religious buildings, noisy markets and cultural institutions.

Language: the official language here is Azerbaijani, which belongs to the Turkic; writing is based on the Latin script.

Money: Azerbaijani manat, consisting of 100 qapiks, the last currency denomination took place in 2006. Dollars, euros and rubles can be changed at any bank in the country. It is advisable to keep the documents on the exchange until the very departure from Azerbaijan. Exchange with private persons is considered illegal.

Administrative-territorial division: the country is divided into 66 districts, 11 cities of republican significance are also distinguished. It consists of one autonomous republic – Nakhichevan. All districts are divided into municipal associations – there are 2698 of them in total. Each has its own system of government. Two small parts of Azerbaijan are subordinated to Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia.

Religion: The main religion in the country is Islam, it is practiced by 99.2% of the population. Among them, more than 85% are followers of the Shiite branch of Islam, while only 15% are Sunni Muslims. The residence of Muslims is located in Baku. There are also Christians (Ukrainians, Georgians, Russians), Jews (three Jewish communities), Catholics and Protestants. The country’s constitution defines it as a secular state with different religious movements among representatives of the ethnic group.

The tourism business has been developing rapidly in Azerbaijan lately. All conditions are created for a comfortable stay for visitors. Guests are welcomed by modern hotels of different star categories. 5-star hotel complexes are being built especially actively, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding tourists. Almost every one of them has a private beach – well-groomed and clean, offering comfort and the opportunity to enjoy your vacation. No less pleasant will be spending time in modern cottage settlements with developed infrastructure, where tourists will be provided with separate houses. The private sector will also offer excellent comfortable housing.

Anyone who has been on vacation in Azerbaijan at least once calls it a “paradise” for tourists, full of sights and natural beauties. Fans of fishing, hunting and travel in the wild will find something to do. Here you can not only have a good rest, but also take care of your health. Numerous sanatoriums and boarding houses offer their health promotion services. The mild climate with clean air, mineral waters, mud baths, gentle sun will definitely contribute to healing. There is also a great opportunity to treat yourself to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Due to the mild subtropical climate, this Transcaucasian state has recently become very popular with tourists coming here from all over the world. The weather here is good all year round: warm, short winters and hot, rather long summers. From May to September you can sunbathe and swim in the Caspian Sea. For this, beach excursions to the coastal cities of the country are provided. Travelers are also attracted by the richest natural resources: hydrotherapy and climatic resorts, numerous reserves. Mud volcanoes are interesting: in terms of their number, Azerbaijan ranks first in the world.

Azerbaijan General Information

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