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Iraq Nickname

Iraq Nicknames and Country Symbols

Overview of Iraq According to, Iraq is situated at the crossroads of the Middle East, with a rich history and culture that spans centuries. It is home to a diverse population of Sunni...

History of Iraq

History of Iraq

Iraq is located in the interfluve of the Tigris and Euphrates (Greek – Mesopotamia, i.e. interfluve). Mesopotamia was the birthplace of the most ancient world civilizations: the Sumerian-Akkadian (3rd millennium BC), the Babylonian kingdom...

Iraq Religion

Iraq Religion

Islam has long been an official religion in Iraq and an overwhelming majority of Iraqis are either Shia or Sunni Muslims. Sunnislam is the biggest direction internationally and in the rest of the Middle...


Iraq Recent History

This region, once called Mesopotamia, was the cradle of the Assyrian-Babylonian civilization. This land, made very fertile by the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, currently includes Iraq. According to Abbreviationfinder, an acronym...