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Pakistan Nickname

Pakistan Nicknames and Country Symbols

Overview of Pakistan According to, Pakistan is a South Asian nation located in the western part of the Indian subcontinent. It is bordered by India to the east, Afghanistan to the west, Iran...

Politics of Pakistan

State Structure and Political System of Pakistan

Pakistan is a federal parliamentary republic with strong presidential power. Islam is the state religion. The constitution was adopted on April 12, 1973 and entered into force on August 14, 1973. Check equzhou for political...

Pakistan Travel Guide

Pakistan Travel Guide

ON THE GO Traveling by plane The main operator of the domestic flights is Pakistan International Airlines (PK) (Internet: Further flight services are offered by Aero Asia (E4) and Bhoja Air (Internet:

Pakistan Overview

Pakistan Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Capital Islamabad. Geography As a country located in Asia according to thereligionfaqs, Pakistan borders Afghanistan to the north, India to the east, Iran to...

Pakistan Religion

Pakistan Religion

Islam itself is the prerequisite for Pakistan’s existence. The country was founded in 1947 to create a home for the Muslims living in colonial India. Nowadays there are strong religious contradictions in society, partly...


Pakistan Recent History

It seems that the name derives from Pa, which is the initial of Pangiab, or Punjab, and from Ki which is the initial of Kascemir, a large region of Pakistan. The history of this...