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Politics of Qatar

State Structure and Political System of Qatar

Officially, Qatar is a sovereign Arab state with an absolute monarchy. The country has a provisional Constitution adopted on April 2, 1970. All power in the country belongs to the emirs from the Al...


Mass Media in Qatar

As one of the more liberal states in the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar has greater freedom of the press and media diversity than most countries in the Middle East. Qatar has both state-controlled and private...

Qatar Religion

Qatar Religion

Nine out of ten Qatari citizens are Sunni Muslims and belong to the Orthodox and Puritan direction of Wahhabism, which is, however, practiced less strictly in Qatar than in the country of origin Saudi...


Qatar Recent History

This state of Eastern Arabia was linked to Great Britain with a treaty since 1916. In the 1930s important oil fields were discovered on the territory, the exploitation of which began only in 1949....