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Uzbekistan Nickname

Uzbekistan Nicknames and Country Symbols

Overview of Uzbekistan According to politicsezine, Uzbekistan is a Central Asian country located between Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. It is bordered by the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea and the Ural River and has a...

Politics of Uzbekistan

State Structure and Political System of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic, the form of government is presidential. The Constitution of 1992 is in force (as amended in 1993, April 2003). Check equzhou for political system of Uzbekistan. The Republic of...

Uzbekistan Travel Guide

Uzbekistan Travel Guide

ON THE GO Traveling by plane Uzbekistan Airways (HY) regularly flies to all major cities in Uzbekistan. Foreigners must pay for all flights in US dollars. Some credit cards are also accepted. Tickets are...

Uzbekistan Overview

Uzbekistan Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Republic of Uzbekistan. Capital Tashkent. Geography As a country located in Asia according to historyaah, Uzbekistan borders Afghanistan to the south, Turkmenistan to the west, Kazakhstan to the...

Uzbekistan Religion

Uzbekistan Religion

Islam has a strong tradition in Central Asia. The majority of the uz cups are Sunni Muslims. Russians and Ukrainians in the country are generally Russian Orthodox Christians. Sufis (Muslim mystics) have founded a...


Uzbekistan Recent History

It extends between Amu Darja and Sir Darja, with capital Tashkent. For knowledge of the country, it must be traced back to the XII and XIII centuries when some traffickers from the cities of...