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Taiz (Yemen)

What to See in Taiz (Yemen)

According to, Taiz is the administrative center of the province of the same name, located in the southern part of the mountainous region of Yemen. Taiz stands on the slopes of Mount Sabir...

Yemen Population

Yemen Population and History

HUMAN AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Population The progressive increase in the population, which at the 1994 census had reached 14,587,807 residents, which rose to 16,887,000 according to a 1998 estimate, caused an excessive demographic load...

Politics of Yemen

State Structure and Political System of Yemen

Yemen is a republic. The Constitution is in force in 1991, as amended in 1994, 2001. Check equzhou for political system of Yemen. The territory of the country is divided into 19 provinces (governors): Abyan,...


Mass Media in Western Asia

According to Countryaah, Western Asia is the west part of Asian continent. This page lists and introduces major newspapers in the countries of Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Yemen. Mass media in...

Yemen Religion

Yemen Religion

Almost all Yemenis are Muslims. About a third are Zaydites, a small branch of Shia Islam that is found mainly in Yemen. The Zaydites live mainly in the northwest where they have dominated politics...


Yemen Recent History

The literary work produced in order to illustrate the dawn of this country and its civilization is varied and abundant. Without all that constituted its legendary part, this literature gives us the certainty that...