Da Nang Travel Guide

In Da Nang, you can experience a tropical warm city break. Located on the coast of Vietnam, Da Nang is a popular holiday destination, combining long sandy beaches with city breaks and nearby cultural attractions.

Tropical urban destination and long palm beaches

Good to know about Da Nang

With a population of about one million, Da Nang (also spelled Danang) is an important center of its region, the sixth largest city in Vietnam and a constantly growing holiday destination. Da Nang is also a popular study city with six different universities.

Da Nang’s biggest tourist attractions include its long and wide beaches. There are a total of 60 kilometers of sandy beach in the city area. Da Nang is ideal for sun-seeking holidaymakers who want to experience not only the palm beaches but also the city life on their way.

Da Nang’s most famous attractions include the Cham Museum of Art, Ho Chi Minh Museum, and Asia Park. Also worth seeing is the caramel-like pink Da Nang Cathedral, whose Gothic building style, in all its diversity, blends surprisingly with the Vietnamese architectural tradition.

Within a radius of about one hundred kilometers from the city are several interesting natural and cultural attractions, such as the UNESCO sites of My Son and Hoi An . Da Nang is a great base and a great choice for accommodation if you want to see and experience Vietnam in a variety of ways during your stay.

Good to know about Da Nang

The climate in the area is typical of a tropical monsoon climate, which means warm all year round. Rainfall in the area is from August to December and the dry season runs from January to July.

Da Nang is a normally safe holiday destination, where common sense is necessary in the same way as when moving anywhere. The most common tourist problems include pickpocketing and price scams, but these can be avoided by being careful with your property and shopping.

Although the beaches of Da Nang are wide and attractive, the waves may rise high. Bathing is only recommended during the coast guard duty hours from 5am to 7pm. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and other basic services along the beach.


Da Nang Airport

Flying to your destination

Da Nang Airport is the most important air traffic hub in its area and the third busiest airport in all of Vietnam after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The location just five kilometers from the city center makes getting to the airport effortless.

You can fly from Finland to Da Nang either from the north via Hanoi or from the south via Ho Chi Minh City. Scheduled flights cost around 700 to 1,200 euros, depending on the time and booking situation. The number of shifts also affects the price – the cheapest flight tickets can usually be found if you are willing to spend about 20 hours traveling and change planes twice. One change is the easiest and cheapest way to fly via Hong Kong, for example.

Da Nang is in the package tour of several travel agencies operating in Finland, so those looking for ease can book their trip pre-packaged.

The hotel offer is diverse

The selection of hotels in the Da Nang area is plentiful in all price ranges. There are downtown hotels in a lively urban setting, but also beach resorts a short drive away where tourists can enjoy their holiday away from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city.

Many resort-type hotels here are highly specialized for tourists from certain areas: some of the hotels are designed entirely to the taste of Chinese tourists, some are better suited to European tastes. The style differences between these can be very large.

European hotels such as Novotel Danang or beach hotels Fusion Maya Resort are suitable for European tastes.

Getting around in Da Nang

Getting around is easy by bus, taxi, motorcycle or scooter – why not by bike. Sure, you can also walk from one place to another, but in hot climates it can get stiffer for longer and in a big city the distances are long.

Taxis and scooter hire are inexpensive ways to explore the city. The bus can travel from one place to another for even less money, and public transport connections to, for example, the neighboring city of Hoi An and many nearby attractions are surprisingly smooth.

You should be careful when pricing taxis and occasionally buses as well, as tourists are happy to try to charge a higher price than locals.



The tour introduces the city

A first-time visitor to Da Nang should spend the day on a basic tour of the city. This can be done by bus, motorcycle or even a cruise along the Han River, which crosses the city.

The riverside and handsome bridges of the river are at their most beautiful at sunset. When it gets dark, thousands of lamps illuminate the bridges, creating a unique atmosphere in the city.

In addition to riverside scenery, basic attractions here include the Cham Museum of Art, the Ho Chi Minh Museum and the family-friendly Asia Park.

Son Tra

Son Tra is a nature reserve about ten kilometers from the city, where you can get to the atmosphere of the jungle to experience the magnificent tropical nature. It’s easy to take a day trip here – take a guided hike and you’ll hear and learn a lot about local nature at the same time.

Marble Mountains

About seven kilometers from the city center, the “Marble Mountains” are a popular destination for holidaymakers in Da Nang. These five mountains are named after five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

You can get there from Da Nang by yellow bus number 1. The journey takes about a quarter and costs 25,000 VND, or about one euro. Marble Mountains artisan workshops also offer gift shopping: souvenirs and local crafts for sale.

The UNESCO site of Hoi An is just a stone’s throw away


A holidaymaker in Da Nang is definitely worth a visit right next door to Hoi An. Hoi An is a fascinating peek into old-time Vietnam: its old town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the atmosphere in the city is captivating in its color and idyllicness.

Of course, the number of tourists now takes a bit of authenticity, but the place is still worthy of its UNESCO listing. Book half or a full day in Hoi An – the drive from Da Nang takes less than an hour, so you have plenty of time to see during the day.



At least experience these

  1. Long beaches with palm trees
  2. The river landscape at dusk
  3. Visit Hoi An

Disadvantages of Da Nang

  1. The flight may require up to two changes
  2. Hot weather can become severe
  3. Seaside beaches can be drastic

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