How to Use Rugs in Decoration

Speaking of rugs is sure to speak those pieces that give a special touch to the environments, making them stylish and much more charming. In addition to decorative are functional, because they facilitate the placement of the furniture and bring a greater sense of warmth. We must only take care to choose the carpet right, since the mat wrong can destroy the harmony of the environment easily.

How to Use Rugs in Decoration 1

The architect Raquel Guard, the COB Architecture and Design, explains the importance of them:

In this combo decor + comfort, the mats are also very useful to make the protection of the floor, while avoiding scratches and normal wear and tear; they can also improve the acoustic comfort of the environment (a characteristic common in elements of textiles since the fabric “absorbs” the sound, not letting it reverberate through the room). These characteristics should be taken into account at the time of mounting a stand or home theater, for example.


Each room has its particularity to the sizes and, many times, it is necessary to examine each case to suggest the ideal size according to the furniture of each space. But here we will generalise to try to get as close to the ideal. ?

First, it is important to define if the rug will be round or rectangular, which will also be defined by the furniture. According To Raquel:

To be, the advisable it is a model that has at least the width of the sofa and under the mobile – more or less halfway. Thus, the two pieces appear to be in the same plane, eliminating confusion visual floor, carpet and sofa. And in a large environment, it’s quite elegant to use a rug that keep all the furniture.

As for the dining room, the calculation is the following:

In the dining room, the ideal is that each edge of the carpet to have 1 m more than the area occupied by the table. You need to have space to drag the chairs without them enrosquem on the carpet. For spaces too small, the minimum would be 70cm.

For the dormitories, the most usual way is by putting a rug in the opposite direction of the bed. Thus, it will be with a vent in the side and in front of the bed also. Remembering that this is true for floors, since carpet is not advisable to use rugs.

How to Use Rugs in Decoration 2


The choice of the model does not only depend on the style of decoration, but it is important to take into account the routine of the family also. The carpet needs to be hard-wearing and easy to clean? Should be soft, because you have kids in the house? A pet will move it? All this will influence in the decision of the material.

For a general overview, the models more low, such as cotton, leather and nylon short coat fit better in environments that are more modern and also the more “serious”. Already the furry fall well in contemporary environments, for example.

Another point that should be taken into consideration for the “weight” it is the movement of people. If it is large flow of people stepping on the spot and using chairs, avoid floor mats high.

How to Use Rugs in Decoration 3


When the environment is small, it is inevitable that rooms are closer. The carpet by itself already serves to delimit the spaces, but the question that arises is: how to combine multiple mats next to each other? The rule is choose one item in common between them is the color (tone-on-tone also goes down very well!), the pattern, texture, etc. The suggestion is that they are not used rugs the same, but with an element of connection between them.

Another tip that will make the carpet get even more immersed in the decoration is to combine it with the pads, either in texture or shade nearby.