How to Waterproof Sofa Products, Tissues and Important Tips

A great option to prolong the life of your sofa is to invest in damp-proofing, after all, when we invest a good money to buy a sofa of quality we want this asset to be durable, and the waterproofing of the sofa is ideal to avoid stains and odors.

How to Waterproof Sofa Products, Tissues and Important Tips

Even for those who have small children at home, or even pets such as dogs and cats can urinate on the couch and of cat urine, for example, is a terror!

Although the waterproofing is widely used in sofas, this process can also be applied in a manner that successful in pillows, mattresses and any piece that relies on coating of fabrics, such as footstools, ottomans, armchairs, among others.

Basically, the goal of waterproofing is to prevent the penetration of liquids, ingress of dust in the upholstery, to prevent the emergence of fungi, extending the useful life of the item, in addition to ensuring the cleaning and the original colors for a longer period.

Which fabric can be waterproof?

In the image below you can observe how the liquids will remain on a fabric waterproof, rather than absorb the liquid sealant creates a protective layer which repels the liquid and form tiny droplets of liquid that can be dried with a single paper towel.

Even though it is a common procedure, the waterproofing of sofas or other furniture can be made in almost all types of tissues, with the exception of the synthetic and polyurethanes.

In case you still have been left with the doubt if your sofa can be subjected to this practice, just do a quick check to clarify definitely the situation. You must pour some of my water on the coating. If the liquid is absorbed then there is no hindrance. If not, this mobile should not be subjected to a waterproofing.

The waterproofing of sofa lined with fabric Suede is also possible, provided that the owner remember to take some precautions during the application. That extra attention is needed because the fabric moves constantly and can affect the quality of the process.

Therefore, in order to provide adequate protection of the entire mobile it is essential to use a superior amount of the product at specific points, which can be without the proper application. The corners and the center of the sofa need to have a layer more of the product for the effect to be achieved with perfection.

The waterproofing of the sofa: how long it lasts?

The process of sealing of the couch can take from 90 minutes up to 120 minutes. The result of this application you can ensure a mobile quality for up to 3 years. However, the owner of the sofa you can continue making cleaning simple with the use of a vacuum cleaner.

The ideal is that the sofa goes through a cleaning once or twice a week, just to remove the excess dust. However, if a glass of wine fall in your mobile waterproof, suitable is to use a paper towel to do this absorption without leave to occur the penetration in the tissue. So, the correct way is to just let the paper do the absorption without rubbing the sofa.

In the image below, a glass of wine spilled on a fabric without waterproofing, note that the tissue absorbs all of the red wine.

Already in the following picture the fabric waterproof repels even the red wine which sits on the fabric in the form of droplets which can be cleaned with pale cloth and will not stain the couch.

These images are to show how in fact the waterproofing of the sofa it is worth, since you don’t have nothing worse than investing in a couch of quality with a comfortable fabric and without wanting to bring down a tala of wine, a chocolate, a coffee on top of the fabric and then the blame for this. The sofa is made to be enjoyed, to relax and extend with ease, to sit down with the family and eat brigadeiro unprecedented film. And not to be neurotically controlling who sits down and as she sits on the couch by that you can spoil.

Then proof your sofa and send a pet peeve of cleaning it away.

How to Waterproof the Sofa?

There are two ways to waterproof the couch: do a waterproofing home, or hire a company that specializes in waterproofing.

If your couch is old and require cleaning before the waterproofing I suggest you to hire a company specialized, since before the process of sealing of the sofa they perform a deep cleaning to eliminate dust mites, stains and dust from your upholstery. So in the time of waterproofing your sofa will be clean and sanitized.

After all you will not want to keep dust mites inside the foam of your sofa.

Now if your couch is new and you want to waterproof by account, here are the tips that you need to know to make this process correctly.

How much does it cost?

The waterproofing professional costs around R$350,00 a R$700,00 reais a sofa with 3 seats, since the water repellent homemade yields 1m2 per 100 ml and costs from R$45,00 reais.

Waterproofing home: what to use and how to do?

It is important to start by choosing a quality product that will ensure a good seal and that will be durable.

One of the products of waterproofing to the fabric most used is the Scotchgard 3M, which serves for the sofas, carpets, clothes and even seats of vehicles. Another product widely used is the Ecotextil that has two versions, the premium is resistant to wine, oil, and even animal urine.

For the application you must follow exactly what it says on the packaging and at the time of application stay away from sparks and cigarettes to avoid an explosion. After all the spray contains flammable gas.

It is simple to waterproof at home, the products are non-toxic, but it is indicated to use protective gloves and apply in the horizontal direction and the vertical, then wait for the time indicated, which can be between 12 to 24 hours for the sofa to stay completely dry. After this period you will already be able to use your sofa normally.

Video – Course of the Waterproofing of the Sofa EasyTech Shield

I hope that this post will be useful to you who are wanting to waterproof your sofa, your pillows, your base of the bed or even your chairs and armchairs. If you enjoyed remember to like our page ArquiDicas to get more tips and ideas to make your house more beautiful and pleasant. Leave your comment, questions and suggestions down here. A big hug and until the next post.