Indonesia Brief Information

Basic country information

The Republic of Indonesia is the largest state in Southeast Asia and the largest island state in the world, comprising 18,108 islands, of which only about 1,000 have a permanent population. In the northwest, Indonesia is separated by the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea from West Malaysia and Singapore, in the northeast by the Sulu and Sulawesi Seas from the Philippines and the Pacific Ocean from Palau, in the southeast by the Timor and Arafura Seas from Australia. On Kalimantan, Indonesia borders on East Malaysia, on about. Timor – with East Timor and on about. New Guinea – with Papua New Guinea.

The climate of Indonesia is equatorial and subequatorial. According to bridgat, the country is characterized by very insignificant regional climatic differences and high relative air humidity (80%). The average monthly air temperature at sea level roughly corresponds to the average annual temperature of +26–27 ° C. In most parts of Indonesia, precipitation falls from December to March, when the western monsoon blows.

Bali island

Ebb and flow A year- round natural phenomenon on the island, caused by the changing phases of the moon. They take place twice a day. Each hotel on the beach has a table where the current information about the time of high / low tide (high tide / low tide) is written in chalk. Be careful at high tide, as the tidal wave brings fragments of coral and sea urchins.

Sunburn and Sun Do not get carried away with excessive sunbathing. Bali is located close to the equator, and it is very difficult to leave the island without sunbathing. Even if you are in the shade on the beach, you still get sunbathed by the sunlight reflected from the sea and sand. Be sure to use sunscreen (with a minimum protection of 40), which can be bought at the nearest supermarket.

Criminal situation The Balinese have a good disposition and are deeply religious people. Crimes and cases of theft are extremely rare on the island. Be careful in Kuta. This resort town has a lot of visitors from other islands who come to Bali to work. Not often in Kuta, but there are cases when motorcycle thieves snatch bags from tourists.

Currency exchange The rupee fluctuates quite a lot against the US dollar. The most favorable exchange rate is at specialized exchange offices (Money Changer), the least favorable is at the airport and in hotels. Banks are open from 09:00 to 15:00. Days off – Saturday and Sunday. Exchange offices are open until late in the evening without days off. Do not believe the too high and uneven rate offered by small souvenir shops. There you can try to cheat. Always carefully count money when exchanging.

Telephone conversations In hotels, after the fifth ring, the connection time is already counted, even if no one answered the phone. The cheapest way to call is from call centers of Wartel Telecom. There are a lot of call points in Kuta, Sanur, before entering the main gate of Nusa Dua. The cheapest rate is on Sundays, public holidays and after 23:00. Telephone conversations in call centers are paid after the fact at the cashier, the amount of payment is displayed on the phone during the conversation. To access an international line, dial 001 (or 007, 008, 01017 or 01000) – country code (7 – Russia, Kazakhstan, 380 – Ukraine, 375 – Belarus) – city code (or mobile operator) – phone number.

Mobile communication For multiple telephone conversations with the house, it is more profitable for you to use a local SIM card. In this case, all incoming calls will be free, and outgoing (home) ~ $0.50 – $1.50 per minute. Documentation is not required upon purchase. The sale of SIM cards is widespread in all supermarkets and places where mobile phones are sold. If you are vacationing in Nusa Dua or Sanur, you can purchase a SIM card at the entrance to the Hardiz supermarket (ask in Indonesian for “Telkomsel bar number” or “PRO XL bar number”). There you can top up your balance.

Well-established mobile operators are Telkomsel and PRO XL. Your new phone number will start with 0-81……If you are called from home, instead of 0 they will need to dial the Indonesia code – 62, then your number without 0: 62 81….. Zero in the beginning of a telephone number is only used for internal dialing. When buying a SIM card, be sure to take your mobile phone with you and make sure that your new number is activated and working. You can check your balance by dialing *888# (for Telkomsel numbers) or *123# (for PRO XL numbers). Access to the international line Telkomsel – 01017 (001 or 007) – then the country code, PRO XL – 01000 – then the country code. Also, in both companies, to access the international line, you can dial +.

Electricity Mains voltage – 220 V, frequency – 50 Hz. Some hotels use electrical outlets with three inputs. If the plug of your electrical appliances does not fit into the electrical outlet in your room, ask the employees for an adapter adapter (Adapter). The adapter you need can be purchased at your nearest supermarket.

Indonesia Brief Information

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