Kvariati, Georgia

According to BRIDGAT.COM, Kvariati is a small seaside village located 15 km from Batumi, between Sarpi and Gonio, and just a couple of kilometers from the Turkish border. Kvariati is divided into two halves: one is near the water, the other is on the hillsides above the highway. This quiet village, surrounded by mountains overgrown with greenery, is considered one of the best seaside resorts in Adjara.

The beach in Kvariati is one of the cleanest in Georgia, the water in the sea is almost transparent, and the local beach holiday is moderately boring: it is calm, quiet, but there are cafes and water activities on the shore. And if you want to go to a big city, you can drive to Batumi in 20 minutes.

The only diving center in Georgia is located in the southern part of Kvariati beach. Here you can get training, get a PADI diving certificate and dive to the sunken ships.

How to get to Kvariati

It is most convenient to come to Kvariati from Batumi. The village is considered part of the city, so several minibuses constantly go there. All of them depart from Tbilisi Square, some go directly to Kvariati, and some go to Sarpi (there is a stop in Kvariati). The fare will cost approximately 1 GEL per passenger, travel time is 20-30 minutes. Prices on the page are for July 2021.

Kvariati Hotels

Kvariati is very small in area, but built up quite densely. There are multi-storey hotels (they are a bit like Turkish hotels in seaside resorts) and guest houses with only a few rooms, for the most part they are located on the first line of the beach. Among them there are both expensive (by local standards) and very budget housing, almost no one has official “stars”, but the level of service corresponds to about 3 *. Inexpensive guesthouses by the sea must be booked in advance, especially during the high season. Prices for hotel accommodation start from 30 USD per day for a double room, in a 4 * hotel – from 60 USD per day. A double room in the guest house can be rented for 20 USD per day.

In the “upper” Kvariati (the part of the village located behind the highway, on the slopes of the mountains) there are also hotels, and accommodation in them costs an average of 15-20% cheaper than by the sea. However, it is worth remembering that houses right at the foot of the mountain can be noisy due to the proximity of the highway, and those located higher are likely to be far from the beach.


Пляж Квариати широкий и галечный, без обуви гулять по нему не рекомендуется —из-за острых камней. В северной части он переходит в пляж Гонио, а на юге заканчивается скалистыми утесами, которые отделяют его от пляжа Сарпи. От последнего Квариати выгодно отличается тем, что здешнее шоссе проходит довольно далеко от пляжа, поэтому шум и пыль от дороги сюда не долетают. Самая немноголюдная часть пляжа — южная, в скалах практически никого не бывает, и очень красиво, хотя купаться, возможно, и не очень удобно.

For a nominal fee, you can rent an umbrella and a sunbed, there are changing cabins and showers. The shower here is a converted changing cabins, which have a barrel of water fixed on top, using it costs 2 GEL. Beach activities on the coast are standard: there are banana rides, catamarans, scooters, parasailing, and in the northern part of the beach an inflatable slide is brought for children every summer (however, adults also like it).

In the southern part of Kvariati beach, almost at the very rocks, there is the only diving center in Georgia. Here you can get training, get a PADI diving certificate and dive to the sunken ships.

Cafes and restaurants Kvariati

There are several cafes and restaurants in the village, almost all of them are located on the beach and work only in summer. In winter, only hotel restaurants are open here. Georgian cuisine is served everywhere, simple without frills and even “peasant”, but it is delicious almost everywhere. Lunch for two with wine will cost 40-50 GEL, if you want something more refined or just variety, then it’s better to ride to Batumi.

Entertainment and attractions of Kvariati

There is, in fact, nothing to see in Kvariati itself, all interesting sights are located in its vicinity.

From Kvariati along the seashore you can walk to Sarpi. This is a border point, and the village itself is divided in two by the border with Turkey (the Turkish half is called “Sarp”). Sarpi is also a seaside resort: there is a small but very pretty pebble beach. Its charm is that it is surrounded by picturesque mountainous landscapes, there is a clear sea and there is even a rock in the water from which you can dive (this is a rarity for Adjara).

On the way from Kvariati to Sarpi, you can stumble upon a secluded wild beach – quite nice, if you do not pay attention to the fact that it is located literally under the highway.

If you wish, you can walk to Turkey, however, there is not much to do in this part of the country. But in Sarpi itself, the infrastructure is richer than in Kvariati: there are cafes, shops, exchange offices and more.

If you move in the other direction, along the coast to the north, then from Kvariati you can get to Gonio (about 2 km). Now this village is experiencing a real surge in tourism. And if you walk another 1.5 km from Gonio, you can see the Gonio-Apsar fortress. This building was erected by the ancient Romans: the first mention of it dates back to the 1st century AD. e. Currently, only ruins remain from the fortress, but it is still interesting to look at it. In addition, it is here, according to some assumptions, that the tomb of one of the four evangelists 0 of the Apostle Matthew is located.

Kvariati, Georgia

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