Paralymnic, Cyprus

Paralimni, although considered the largest city on the entire eastern coast of Cyprus, is not too revered by tourists. Unlike neighboring Ayia Napa and Protaraslife here flows “in a land-like” measured way. One of the reasons for some oblivion is the indented coastline, which reduces the attractiveness of the city among beach lovers. But those who come here most likely know that it is only worth getting on any bus – and after 10-15 minutes the noisy seaside resorts will be at their service. And if the sea begins to tire, then you can have a great time in one of the many taverns or just go for a walk around the city and its environs. By the way, it is in Paralimni that most of the people employed in the hospitality industry in Ayia Napa and Protaras live – they know a lot about rest from rest.  See for Cyprus customs regulations and visa requirements.

How to get to Paralimni

The fastest way to get to Paralimni is by plane to Larnaca and from there by bus. Every day, Es Seven, Aeroflot and North Wind fly from Sheremetyevo to Cyprus, the journey takes 3 hours 50 minutes. At the airport, you need to take bus No. 418 or 429 and in 20 minutes get to the Larnaca Central Bus Station, from where the bus leaves for Paralimni, route No. 714. An hour later, he will be in place. A taxi ride from the airport to Paralimni will cost 55-70 EUR and take 50 minutes. Prices on the page are for July 2021.


As elsewhere in Cyprus, public transport in Paralimni performs two functions: urban and intercity. For example, by bus number 714, you can get not only to the nearest supermarket, but also to Liopetri, Sotira, Larnaca.

It is also convenient to move around the city by bicycles – there are several rental offices that offer mainly mountain bikes. Drivers are also comfortable here, as most parking lots are free. In addition, the city has a modern layout and no narrow streets.

A taxi ride costs about 10 EUR.

Paralimni Hotels

Most of the hotels are located along the two main streets of Paralimni: Kennedy and Gyorki Papadopulo. Although the city is seaside, there are practically no beaches here because of the rocky coast, so there is not much point in building hotels by the sea. Moreover, Protaras and Ayia Napa, which are more popular with tourists, are nearby. Well, in Paralimni villas and apartments prevail, there are no “star” options here. An apartment for a day for two costs 50-80 EUR. Moreover, it will be located in a relatively new residential complex with a swimming pool and a gym. You can rent a villa for 6-8 people for 150-200 EUR per day. There are no hostels in the city.


The eastern coast of Cyprus is a rocky strip, which is occasionally diluted with small sandy bays. One of them is Trinity Beach (GPS coordinates: 35.050810, 34.022715). Here, next to the church of Ayia Triada and a small fishing pier, there is one of the few beaches in the city. Although it is not very popular (most people still prefer more driving ones in Protaros), it is “equipped” with a bar, sun loungers (3 EUR), showers and parking. Kids will definitely like it here – clean fine sand, smooth entry and a playground.

Kapparis or Firemans Beach (GPS coordinates: 35.059689, 34.009402) is located next to the fire station – hence the “fire fighting” name. There is clear water and shallow water, which attract vacationers with small children. There are many inexpensive soft sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, and free car parking is nearby.

Kapparis beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.

Kalamies Beach, aka Golden Coast, aka Luma (GPS coordinates: 35.037167, 34.037597) is located in a small bay in the Pernera area. It is sandy, there is everything you need for recreation and entertainment, including a volleyball court. Suitable for families with small children.

Cuisine and restaurants of Paralimni

The lack of full-fledged beaches more than compensates for the choice of restaurants, Paralimni is full of them. Taverns predominate, the main dish of which is “metze”. This analogue of the Spanish “tapas” is extremely popular in the south of the Balkan Peninsula. A set for 20-25 EUR includes fried vegetables, meatballs, fish pie, halloumi cheese. Each tavern has its own mix of snacks, which changes depending on the season.

Also, the menu of local eateries is complemented by traditional dishes of the island: kleftiko (baked lamb or goat meat), moussaka (aubergine casserole). Dinner for one will cost 10-20 EUR without alcohol. The most popular local fast food is pieces of pork or sheftalia meatballs in pita with tzatziki sauce. This version of “souvlaki” is sold for 5 EUR.


Although there are no special historical sights in Paralimni, there are several places worthy of attention. For example, the so-called church square, the largest in all of Cyprus (Ayio Georgiou). Three churches are located on it at once, and two of them are dedicated to the patron saint of the city, St. George: 1859 and 1965.

The inscription on the marble slab of the old Agios Georgios says that the church was erected in 1859 on the site of an ancient Byzantine temple. Some of its parts were used to build a new shrine. Inside the church is an authentic wooden altar covered with golden leaves.

The main temple of the city stands next to the old church. It, despite the “aged” look, was built only in 1966. New Agios Georgios is one of the largest in the region. The architects even had to make a three-tiered floor so that all its 2,000 visitors could pray without interfering with each other.

Another interesting church of St. Anna is the oldest temple in the city. It is located on Protara Street, 150m south of Agios Georgios. This Byzantine church was built in the 13th century, and several fragments of frescoes that are over 700 years old have survived to this day. In general, there are a lot of temples here, so they decided to free the respected Aya Anna from worship by opening a church museum within its walls. The exposition includes icons of the 16th-19th centuries, ancient books and relics.

Paralymnic, Cyprus

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