Plant and Wildlife in Bangladesh

Plant and wildlife in Bangladesh, 16% of Bangladesh is covered by forest. In the mountain forests in the northeast and southeast, various species of bamboo and rattan dominate, which is the subject of commercial exploitation. In the outer parts of the deltas (Sundarbans) there are large mangrove forests.

Bangladesh is covered by forest

Fairly rich wildlife in what is left of the forests. Of the predators there are several species of cats, foxes, badgers and sneakers (palm veins, civet and mangosteen). Large herbivores include wild boar, deer and water buffalo. Indian elephant, Bengal tiger and leopard occur in smaller numbers. Of the primates must be mentioned rhesus monkey (a macaque) and caveman (a langur).

Langur in Bangladesh

In the Ganges, the Ganges dolphin and two crocodile species live: the lethal delta crocodile and the fish and scavenger gable. Herons, icebergs, brahmin springs, sludge crawlers (fish) and gull crabs belong in the large mangrove forests. Birdlife is rich and includes great-adjutant (a stork), vultures, quails, beetles, deciduous birds and sunbirds.

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