Restaurants in Shanghai

Like many other things in Shanghai, international influences prevail in the local restaurant scene, as the metropolis likes to take its inspiration beyond its borders. Of course you can find great Shanghai cuisine here (which tends to be sweeter than in the rest of China), but many restaurants offer regional cuisine from other Chinese provinces as well as international cuisine.

The following restaurants are divided into three different categories:

Expensive (over ¥ 300),
moderate (100 to 300 ¥),
inexpensive (up to 100 ¥).

It is the average price for a three-course meal for one person and a bottle of the cheapest wine or house wine, excluding taxes and tips, unless otherwise stated.



The enfant terrible Jean-George Vongerichten impressed restaurant goers from Chicago to Hong Kong with its elegant Vong restaurants. His new, beautiful and first class restaurant in Shanghai specializes in modern French cuisine. The ambience is chic and sensual, the food sensational – a revolution in Shanghai cuisine.

Address: Three on the Bund, Zhongshan East 1st Rd (entrance on Guangdong Lu), Shanghai
Telephone: (21) 63 21 77 33.

M on the Bund

M is a pioneer among Shanghai restaurants. It opened in the late 1990s as the first elegant federal restaurant. The Australian-run eatery with its mix of Mediterranean and Australian cuisine has a counterpart in Hong Kong, the M at the Fringe.

With the chic ambience, the unbeatable view from the terrace of the Bund and the evening silhouette of Pudong as well as the good wine list, it is an excellent choice if you want to impress guests.

It is fashionable to have a drink in the glamor bar next door before eating.

Address: 7 / F, No 5 The Bund (corner of Guandong Lu), Shanghai
Telephone: (21) 63 50 99 88.

Fu 1039

The absolutely elegant Fu 1039 is located in a three-story villa from 1913. It exudes unusual old-fashioned charm in a city that otherwise seems to be really keen on modern design.

The Fu 1039 is not easy to find. From the subway station, follow Yuyuan Road for about 200 m and then turn left into an alley. The first door on the left is the entrance. It is not specially marked.

Address: 1039, Yuyuan Rd, Shanghai
Telephone: (021) 62 88 11 79.


Element Fresh

Popular place for emigrants because of its great salads, pasta, juices and home cooking.

Element Fresh is the most popular place for brunch on Sundays. It’s clean, spacious, and in summer you can eat outside on the nice terrace.

The portions are large, the staff extremely attentive. The small chain has restaurants in Puxi and Pudong.

Address: Shanghai Center 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Xikang Lu), Shanghai
Telephone: (21) 62 79 86 82.


The aroma of fried bacon, eggs and tomatoes on an open grill invites you to a hearty brunch every Sunday, with delicious home-style food served throughout the day – including fried potatoes.

The grill is also heated on Wednesday evenings. You should be there early on sunny days.

In the commune there is also a hearty lunch menu with salad and ciabatta.

Address: Taikang Lu, 7 The Yard, Lane 210, Shanghai
Phone: (021) 64 66 24 16.

Baoluo Jiulou

The best thing to do is bring a cheerful group of friends to this chaotic, cavernous Shanghai institution and look forward to a convivial meal. Until late at night people queue in front of the Baoluo Jiulou to enjoy dishes such as lion head meatballs, grilled duck with lotus leaves or the baoluo kaoman (baked eel).

Address: 271 Fumin Rd, Shanghai
Telephone: (021) 62 79 28 27.


Guyi Hunan

If you like your Chinese food extremely spicy, you should visit Guyi. The huge menu and ubiquitous taste of chillies make this the “hottest” restaurant in town. Most guests order a large stew and a gallon of light beer. The food is good, inexpensive and always delicious.

On weekends you have to wait in line without a reservation.

Address: 89 Fumin Lu (corner of Julu Lu), Shanghai
Telephone: (21) 62 49 56 28.

Hongyi Plaza

There are many restaurant miles in Shanghai, but the Hongyi Plaza near the Bund is a class better. The restaurants that are definitely worth a visit are the South Memory (6th floor), which specializes in spicy Hunan dishes; charme (4th floor), a Taiwanese restaurant with heavenly water ice creations; the Wagas (ground floor), Shanghai’s own internet cafe chain; and the Ajisen (basement), the king of Japanese noodles.

Address: 299 East Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Old Chinatown in Shanghai

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