Tokyo, Japan

Many people dream of going to Japan on holiday and Tokyo, which is the country’s capital, has a lot to offer. It does not matter if you travel alone, with something or with children. There is plenty to do no matter how you travel.

Tourist attractions

According to localtimezone, Tokyo offers many attractions, as do most major cities. The city has new modern buildings such as Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky tree but also very much historical to look at, where sometimes one of the many temples such as Asakusa Shrine. The famous dog Hachiko can be seen at Shibuya train station.

The Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo and this has meant that the city has changed somewhat and the new Olympia station is really something that is worth taking a look at.

Disneyland and Tokyo Zoo

If you have children, it might be worth a visit to Disneyland in Tokyo or why not Tokyo Zoo. Both attractions take one day each if you want to be able to enjoy. Disneyland in Tokyo is built in the same way as in all countries with all the princes and princesses and fairy tale characters you are expected to see. Tokyo Zoo has many interesting animals and many that are typical of Japan but also of Asia as a whole. They are especially known for their giant pandas.

Anime, manga and games

Anime and Manga are Japanese and many people travel to Japan to experience the environment around this culture but also when it comes to different forms of games. In Tokyo, there are entire districts that address these interests and the largest is Akihabara. You have really missed something if you do not pay a visit here.

Sumo wrestling, sake-tour and tecermoni

If you are interested in trying out the real Japanese culture, you can go sumo wrestling. A couple of evenings a week, competitions are organized in Tokyo and these are extremely popular, so it is important to be out well in advance if you want tickets. You can also go on a sake tour, then you visit a sake brewery and see how to make the popular rice wine.

The tea ceremony is sacred in Japan and more and more tourists want to participate so various ceremonies and events are organized. You can dress up in a kimono and be part of the ceremony and enjoy Japanese tea.

Transport in Tokyo

Tokyo is so big that it is not possible to walk to all places even though there are many nice walking areas. The best thing you can do is get a card for their subway that is fast and runs almost everywhere and usually departs on time. If you are a woman, there are special carriages intended only for female travelers, these are recommended to be used especially in the evening / night. Taxis are expensive and can take a long time.

Language, money and thinking

The language in Japan is Japanese and even in Tokyo far from everyone speaks English so you have to be prepared to point and smile. However, you are very well received even if there are language deficiencies. Many shops, restaurants and the like do not accept cards so having cash, the yen, is very important.

One thing you must also know is that tattoos are not always accepted, even less so on women, so trying to hide these is to be recommended so as not to be denied entry.


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