Travel to Thailand

Travel restrictions due to Covid-19

Due to the Corona crisis, travel options for tourists and immigrants are severely limited. All international flights to Thailand have been suspended. The Ministry of Health has ordered a 14-day quarantine for travelers from certain countries due to the spread of the corona virus. The Pattaya holiday center is sealed off from the outside world. Anyone wishing to travel to Thailand from Germany must provide evidence that he recently tested negative for the virus and has health insurance that covers corona treatment up to 100,000 euros. People entering from Germany must currently expect to report to the health center on a daily basis and be quarantined if there are any signs of possible symptoms. The Federal Foreign Office generally warns against tourism trips in the current situation. Return campaigns from Thailand are not planned for the time being. The Ministry of Tourism gives daily updates on the situation.

Entry and residence regulations

EU citizens and German nationals can enter Thailand without a visa and stay there for 30 days (for other nationals, check at the Thai embassy). For longer stays there are various visa formats, which can be applied for at the Thai embassy in Berlin, at the consulate general in Frankfurt / Main and at the honorary consulates general in Hamburg, Essen and Stuttgart. A consulate will soon be reopened in Munich. Work visas are called non-immigrant visas and are issued for 90 days. It is possible to get annual visas on site.

Travel, transportation and traffic

Due to tourism and internal migration, Thailand has a well-developed network of buses. There are various bus stations in Bangkok for this: Mo Chit for the north and north-east, Sai Tai for the south and Ekamai for the east. Traveling by train can also be recommended. A trip on the night train (with bed) to Chiang Mai in the north or Trang in the south is both comfortable and interesting. However, with 10,000 accidental deaths per year, the traffic is generally quite dangerous, especially when riding a motorcycle one should be careful. If you still want to drive your own car, you should get an international driver’s license in Germany. Who fly in the country can now reach many cities by plane. Especially Bangkok is plagued by traffic jams that can be avoided with the help of the Skytrain and the subway. Boat trips are more tourist matters except the boats of khlongs work in Bangkok, like buses.

Security for foreigners in Thailand

In contrast to the situation of migrants from Myanmar or of regime critics, Thailand is a fairly safe country for foreigners from the west, although tourists are occasionally killed. Nevertheless, certain risks should not be taken and the safety instructions from the Federal Foreign Office should be followed. Currently, due to political violence in the south, it is not recommended to travel to the provinces of Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani. The Federal Foreign Office also draws attention to special criminal law provisions: possession of small amounts of drugs is severely punished, and imports are subject to the death penalty. Even criticism of the king can lead to years of imprisonment to lead. If you become a victim of a crime, you can contact the normal police or the tourist police. The German Embassy can help with bigger problems.

Money (exchange rates) and money transfer

The exchange rate of 1 euro to 39 baht is very beneficial for Europeans given the low cost of living. Raising money has also become very easy. Thailand has many ATMs where you can withdraw money from your German account with a credit card. In order to avoid the sometimes hefty fees, you can organize a credit card in advance, which incurs no fees. There are sometimes difficulties with the EC card – you should check with your bank in advance. Those who stay longer can set up an account with a Thai bank relatively easily.

Thailand Money

With children in Thailand

Thailand is a child-friendly country. For travelers there is now good information specializing in children. Bangkok can also be fun for children. Those who stay longer often send their children to a German or international school. However, the experience of going to a Thai school can be enriching because it helps you integrate into the host country more quickly. The many festivals and celebrations that are often official holidays are also great for children. Especially at Songkran, the Thai New Year and Water Festival ; at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, at the Chinese New Year lion dance; at theYou can have a lot of fun with children at the Kite Flying Festival, the Loy Krathong Festival or the annual elephant drive in Surin.

Stay healthy

Before leaving the country, you should get vaccinated and possibly arm yourself against malaria and dengue fever. The health system in the country is well developed. If you value better clinics and hospitals, you should take out foreign health insurance in Germany. Thai massages and meditation are beneficial to health. Meditation vacations in Thai temples have become popular in recent years.

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